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Chapter Thirty Nine

“Hey, Ellie how was your weekend?”  Morgan called from her office when she saw Ellie walking past. Ellie turned around and walked into Morgan’s office. “Good, Mike and I went … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Eight

“Hey, mum.  It’s Kate.  How are you?” Kate asked into her phone. “Oh, Katie.  Where are you and when are you back?  I need to let D.I Thompson know.  Your … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty

“Hello, may I speak to Lady Stane please?” Emma said breathlessly into the phone.  She wasn’t nervous but had just chased the last of the twins into their preschool and … Continue reading

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Chapter Twenty Four

Kate threw a frozen dinner into the microwave and then reached for her phone.  After what the butler had told her at Lady Stane’s she decided she would call D.I … Continue reading

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Chapter Twenty Three

“Hey, Kate.  Call me back or just text me! I’m worried about you!  What happened to you last night, not that I’m worried about you standing me up!  I just … Continue reading

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Chapter Twenty Two

He was in his usual spot, surrounded by spent cigarette butts.  He watched the shadows in Kate’s window before the light was switched off. He then changed his focus to … Continue reading

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