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Paperwork Perpetuating Violence

As I read yet another report detailing the psychological damage, I suffered five decades ago as a child living in domestic violence, a news flash pops up on my screen. … Continue reading

April 1, 2022 · 1 Comment

Love Objects

Love Objects (Allen and Unwin) Emily Maguire’s 2021 novel is about a subject close to my heart. Mental health. Mental health affects most people during their lives, either personally or … Continue reading

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3rd March, 2022

3rd March 2022 Well, it’s March and I’m only just posting my first blog in 2022. Peter and I had a healthy dose of covid over the silly season. We … Continue reading

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Lane Cove Literary Awards 2021

Impatience, my husband tells me, is one of my worst faults. Unfortunately for him, I’ve had to wait close to a month to share the news that I won First … Continue reading

December 1, 2021 · 3 Comments

Lane Cove Literary Prize Short list

I’m so excited to announce that the extract ‘Only Skin Deep’ from my memoir, The Girl in the Striped Jumper, has made the short list of the Lane Cove Literary … Continue reading

October 21, 2021 · 4 Comments

Don’t accuse baby boomers of being uncourageous.

When I read E Quinn’s article in the TND on Gender Parity and giving women a voice, the highlighted text; ‘It’s this kind of courage we baby boomers would do … Continue reading

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Thank you for working toward an equitable and inclusive society

Having just completed a final draft of Simon Goes to Camp, I was hoping the story would no longer be as relevant, having written the last draft in 2018. That’s me … Continue reading

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Australian Refugees.

I have read my fair share of WWII novels and watched the odd movie, but I never thought I would actually come to understand how it feels to be separated … Continue reading

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Abandoned by your Nation

So, after six failed bookings for Peter to return home, I reached out to my local Member of Parliament Dugald Saunders. As the issue for displaced Australians overseas is a … Continue reading

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18th July, 2020

It was great that the Emerging Writers Festival was digital this year. I really enjoyed each and every presenter. However, I have to say that Omar Sakr’s presentation ‘In Poetic … Continue reading

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