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Chapter Forty One

It was almost 10am before Ellie got walked out of the elevator at work.  She juggled her coffee as put her bags down beside her desk. She immediately switched on … Continue reading

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Chapter 40

Ellie walked along Gloucester Crescent, her mobile in hand, ready to take pictures of any silver Mercedes she saw.  She intended to walk back along the other side, keeping an … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Nine

“Hey, Ellie how was your weekend?”  Morgan called from her office when she saw Ellie walking past. Ellie turned around and walked into Morgan’s office. “Good, Mike and I went … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Eight

“Hey, mum.  It’s Kate.  How are you?” Kate asked into her phone. “Oh, Katie.  Where are you and when are you back?  I need to let D.I Thompson know.  Your … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Seven

“Hi, Mike.” Ellie said as she opened the door. It was 11:30pm and Ellie had sat up, her mobile phone with her at all times waiting for both Kate to … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Six

Ryder had brought down a tray of scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Kate quickly searched the contents of the tray for her juice but she couldn’t see the bottle.  Her gaze … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Five

Ellie and Mike had spent a short time on the flyers before Mike had to leave to head back to the hospital.  Ellie’s publishing software gave the flyers a professional … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Four

“Hey, Noni.  How was your mum?” Billy asked as Noni let herself into his flat. “Not good, but still breathing.  I gave her place a bit of a clean and … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Three

“Hey Mike!  It’s so good to see you.” Ellie said opening the door to Mike and a large bunch of flowers. “Mmmm, my favourite patient,” Mike said as he put … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Two

Kate stood in the shower allowing the warm water to wash over her.  She had cleaned the ensuite of the blood and broken glass from the incident in the morning.  … Continue reading

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