First ever blog!!

First attempt at cross country skiing
Things to do when you’re not writing.


This is the first time I have written a blog.  To be honest it is the first time I have ever seen a blog, perhaps I should have done a little research first!

My reason for starting a blog, well reasons, are many but mainly I feel like I have come to a cross road in my life, one that is taking me down a more creative path.  Writing!

I have always enjoyed writing, I own many different types of pens, fountains with different width nibs, regular ink pens, felt pens in lots of different colours, pencils of all colours and types but mainly I use my laptop, iPad and phone for writing.

When I was a child I enjoyed reading and writing so much I always had my head in a book reading and writing, but my step-father told me I needed to face reality and stop living in my make-believe world.  I resisted for as long as possible.  I changed my forms of writing and studied, using research writing as an outlet, which fulfilled my need to write and gave me a new love in research.

Now I have come to this place where I am being called/pulled in another direction, to follow my first love of fictional writing with my new love, research.

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