My writing has been a little sporadic of late, I have made a determination to finish my children’s novel before I continue work on my adult novel. I am closer to completing the former as it is only a word length of 20000 and I’m over half way, where the latter is a word length of 80000+ and I’m only 1/8th the way through and the more I think about it the more I want to put into it!!


My children’s novel flows a lot more as there is very little research, perhaps the odd chemical reference and place names in Costa Blanca and odd Spanish phrase. I enjoy writing it as it takes me back to our summer holidays in Spain with the boys, when they relied on us for their entertainment, security and sustenance. Now they are grown up and, credit to us, I guess, very self sufficient and autonomous.

Now our only dependents are our two dogs, funny, you don’t have to put them on applications for things where they ask for dependents!!

They are lovely and complete time wasters, well when it comes ot writing time. I don’t feel the time spent with them is wasted, it certainly develops our relationship but also in the case of our puppy develops his discipline!! However, you wouldn’t think so looking at our cream carpet (which we inherited when we purchased the place and will be going once we renovate), but he was a lot more house trained before the wet weather descended on the east coast!!

Speaking of the wet weather, was anyone else stuck on the Princes Highway that first Tuesday of the stormy weather? It took me almost 4 hours to travel the 9 kilometres to get to work! Talk about frustrating!!!

Luckily I had my audio book to listen to on the way, but I was certainly desperate to get to the toilet when I did eventually get to work!!

My Dalmatian puppy woke up this morning and I’m sure his legs had doubled in length and testament to this was the fact he didn’t really know what to do with them. Where he used to be able to get through the dog flap, he now sits on the outside of it, hitting it with these giant paws. He tries to jump up onto a vertical surface with his two front paws but completely misjudges the distance and either face plants onto the surface or onto the floor. Quite funny really, especially as he was only 3kg when we got him!! Unfortunately he still thinks he is a lap dog and the bad parent I am, I cannot refuse his begging face when he wants to sit on my lap! My daughter in law sent me a selection of apt photos of lap dogs who had outgrown their masters laps. Hmmmm.



  1. Finally able to write a comment! I’ve been struggling with password issues all week. Aaargghh. Love you puppy photo. I think I do the opposite – I write when I should be doing any number of other things – housework, gardening, shopping (pet hate), renovating our house – I love every single thing about writing….


    • Thanks for your comment, it was my first!!! I love being able to escape into the world I am writing about, however, I suffer guilt at ‘neglecting’ my other duties! I need a cleaner, gardener, shopper …. aahhh!!


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