21st May, 2015

It was great to get the first chapter out, you expect that you’re going to get barrages of negative comments, so not having any, was good news! It is a very personal thing in many ways, bit like submitting an assignment but without an outline of what you should have included in your work!!

Now that it’s done, it will be a lot easier for each proceeding chapter and will keep me writing as I meet my pre set deadline of Thursday.

I’m really happy to receive some feedback and some ideas on how you’re finding the characters.

I have finished Pride and Prejudice, my feelings for the character haven’t changed, they are a bunch of aristocratic ‘lay-abouts’, but the fact I think of the characters first, means the author has done her job and brought them to life. What a horrid time to live, where a practical stranger can take a woman’s house from her, just because her husband died before her and the next of kin is not male!  Thanks goodness we have moved on from that time!


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