4th June, 2015

Well another year older and after the week of celebrations I’ve had, I certainly feel another year older.

I managed to write another chapter for Living in London, so I hope you enjoy it. I’m finding it very interesting how my characters are starting to develop personalities of their own and I must be dreaming about them as often I wake up with what will happen to them next and have to write it down before I forget!!

I have finished the first draft on my children’s novel – Simon Goes to Spain. It was really enjoyable to write and I’m enjoying the second draft process, correcting grammar and spelling mistakes but also padding out the characters, scenes and plot. It is a lot of fun and I hope that when it is read that comes across.

I just wish I could devote more time to my writing as I feel like the plots of the stories I am writing are taking a long time to develop but I think it’s just that the writing process is such a slow one, it seems to take for ever, but when I read it back, I don’t feel that. I am planning for the blog serial to run for around 25 chapters, so Chapter 4 is still character development and building some suspense?? Please let me know what you think.

On the positive side, I had my husband read the first three chapters and he didn’t give a negative initial response, so despite my idol’s (Colleen) advice of not allowing loved ones to read your work, I managed a favourable review so far, or perhaps it was more the adage I believe he chooses to live by; ‘happy wife = happy life’??IMG_5407

It’s so good they always celebrate on my birthday, Vivid, Sydney.

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