11th June, 2015

Where do the weeks go? I cannot believe it has been a week, already? I asked my husband why time moves so much quicker the older we get?   I can remember so clearly waiting for the it to be 3pm at school but I barely get to watch a clock these days?? He replied that it is because we have so much more to fit into our days that we want to do.

When I returned to the writing course after a six-week break (which felt like two!) our tutor gave us a sheet of questions to answer about our writing. Two questions were quite pertinent, and I think about them often, even now. The first one asked what our fantasy novel writing session is? To which I answered, sitting on the lounge in my PJ’s with my laptop on my lap, the house is spotless, dogs walked, washing and ironing done. We then had to describe what our real –life novel writing session is? To which I answered, the same, however in real-life I end up with an hour or two, if I’m lucky, where the fantasy one, I would be writing all day, every day!!

Well, Chapter 5 is ready to publish, in which I have written my first erotic section, very short, however, I won’t publish it on the blog. If you would like the full chapter including the very short erotic section, please email or FB message me.

The picture is another gratuitous picture of my Dalmatian puppy, on my lounge!!! Very cute PJ’s don’t you think??IMG_5234

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