6th August, 2015

Well after two weeks of pain and suffering and not knowing what is causing it, it appears I have reflux. I now sympathise with babies that have this condition as it is extremely painful and when it is not extremely painful it is extremely uncomfortable. The upside of the past two weeks is that all my major organs are 100% healthy and I am in no way in danger of having a heart attack, liver or kidney failure, gall stones, pancreatic anything, the list goes on! It has taken a toll on my writing but I have soldiered on and kept to my commitment of a chapter a week on the blog. I guess at least I have my writing to throw myself into as I won’t be throwing myself at any Italian, Indian, Thai, Chinese or Greek restaurant in the near future. Nor will I be enjoying a little tipple while I write, I will be a very boring author but at least I will be healthy!

As I have been feeling unwell and still keeping up my commitments as an employee, wife and writer, I have allowed myself one indulgence and have begun to read the new Kathy Reich’s novel, Speaking in Bones. Needless to say I have thoroughly enjoyed it, listening to her dialogue in first person as well as her very descriptive settings, (which, I guess, support the first person dialogue) such as what she is doing while eating dinner and within that scene describe the appearance of the anchorman on the news and all without distracting from the rhythm of the book nor the storytelling!!

I hope you enjoy Chapter Fourteen (I had to do a double check, after last week) and have you noticed the new pictures for each chapter? I am a fan of Canva, which allows you to design book covers, and for free if you use your own images! I have been using the street views from Google maps, Chapter Fourteen is a shot of Scotland Yard, in London!!!

Speaking in bones

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