27th August, 2015

Wow, another week already, well actually two since I have written a post!!!

Peter my husband, returned from three weeks in NZ last Thursday so I spent some time with him, no time to write a post!  I have included a picture of my very naught spotty puppy licking the skin of Peter’s face when he arrived  home.

Last week I attended a lecture at the Australian Writer’s Centre about creating and publishing your eBook. It was presented by Anna Maguire who has a website called digireado at http://www.digireado.com.au/.  She has also recently published Crowdfund It, and has a website by the same name that has a lot of information for authors on crowdfunding their projects, the website is; http://www.crowdfundit.com.au/

It was informative but the bottom line was to publish with Amazon! There are many ways of publishing but I had lost the contact in my right eye on the nigh and then I couldn’t find my reading glasses in my handbag so sat through most of the night, not being able to read anything in front of me and worrying about where I had last seen my reading glasses! After looking through the pages given to us on the night I realised I really need to go through it all again.

As for my reading I am still working my way through the Potato Factory, it is a little difficult to read at times, due to the content and how cruel and callous people and their lives were back then, however, I am still enjoying it and Bryce Courtney’s retelling of the history during that period.  The book spans across two hemispheres and includes some amazing historical characters such as the Artful Dodger, one of the street urchins and a cameo by Charles Dickens as a reporter. Not to mention that Ikey Solomon, the main character is based on Fagan, or is the other way around??

This chapter carries on from the girls weekend away and has Ellie trying to get a commitment from Sergio, I hope you enjoy it.


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