Chapter Eighteen

Kate’s curtains were still open, despite the darkness outside.  It was easy to see the outline of her body from his vantage point as he took a deep drag on his cigarette.

He smiled to himself as he watched her get dressed.

“Where are you going tonight?” he said to softly to himself, “are you going to meet another quick fuck?  I’ll be there to watch your shame!”

A couple walked along the footpath, he quickly dropped his cigarette and put it out under his shoe, stepping into the shadows to avoid being seen.  He watched the couple snuggle up to each other as they walked past and then darted his eyes back to Kate’s window.  The curtains had been drawn but he could still make out the outline of her against the curtains, he smiled to himself again, shifting his body weight slightly as he lit another cigarette.

* * *

“Good evening Miss Kate.  When shall we expect you home this evening?” Harry, the butler asked as he saw Kate skip past him, heading for the front door.

“Hi Harry, I’m not sure, don’t wait up, ok?”

“As you wish Miss Kate.” He said to the back of Kate’s head as she closed the door behind her.

* * *

Kate practically skipped down Gloucester Crescent, she was wearing an outfit she had bought from Net-a-Porter, she was a perfect size eight and her new Stella McCartney dress and jacket fitted perfectly, just what she needed to pick her up after the grilling she got from Ellie last night. She looked down at her Jimmy Choo’s, yep she was looking hot.

Kate swung her handbag over her shoulder and continued to strut down the road.

* * *

He caught sight of her leaving and waited until she had walked past before walking following her along the footpath, staying a few meters behind her.  He saw her jaunty steps and smiled to himself, putting a cigarette in his mouth and lighting it before taking a deep drag.

* * *

“Hey Kate, how are you?”

“Good, good, ready to party!” Kate looked around the wine bar, she recognised a few faces, but it was early in the evening and she was sure it would be packed before midnight.

“The usual then?” the slim build youth shook a bag of white stuff in front of her face.

“Yep, hit me with it, Trev!” she said, keeping the pun going.

Kate took her stash and headed for the toilets, looking at her Jimmy Choo’s and holding tightly on to the plastic bag hidden in her palm, she was feeling as if she could conquer anything.  Yep, she thought, it’s going to be a party night tonight.

When Kate re-emerged she was buzzing and ready for anything, she looked around the wine bar, it was still quiet in the bar.

“See ya, Trev, I’m heading down to the Syndicate!”

“Yeah, sure, Kate, I might catch you there later!” he winked at her as she walked past him, her skin tingling with excitement.

Kate left the bar, strutting down to the night club.

* * *

“Five quid thanks, darling.”

“No worries,” Kate handed the money to the guy on the door and strolled into the night club, lit by flashing strobes and black lights making everything white glow.

Kate perched on a bar stool, surveying the bar area.  It was dark but she could make out the features on the young DJ located across from the bar, she smiled to herself, contemplating their meeting later in the night.  It was still quiet, however, Kate knew from previous evenings it would fill up by eleven.

“I’ll have a Manhattan thanks,” Kate said to the bartender.

“No worries love.  You here on your own then?” he asked Kate as he expertly flipped a clean cocktail glass and began to assemble her drink.

“I’m meeting friends a little later!  Who’s the DJ tonight?”

“Mmm, not too sure, our regular DJ is out at the moment, they’ve got some guy filling in, he’s supposed to be pretty good.”

Kate peered over to the DJ booth, again, she couldn’t make out who was there but she couldn’t resist a muso.

“Here you go love,” the bartender put her cocktail down in front of her.

“How much?” Kate asked, opening her Prada evening bag.

“On the house.  My pleasure keeping such a beautiful woman company while she waits for her friends.  Perhaps you could join me for a smoke in 10 minutes or so, I’m due for a break then.”  He replied, flashing a toothy grin, “my name’s Adam, Adam Forbes.

Kate looked at him, he was pretty cute, strong jaw, just liked she like but he was a little fairer than she usually chose, it wouldn’t hurt sharing a smoko with him, and perhaps a little more.

“Thanks, yeah I’ll come out for a smoke with you.”  Kate smiled back.

* * *

“This isn’t a bad little area,” Kate commented looking around the small courtyard on the roof of the nightclub.  She leant over the low wall and surveyed the streets below.  She could see the entry to the tube and the junction of the roads that made up the centre of Camden Town.  “Wow, I can see the canal as well!”

She turned around to see Adam right behind her.  “Wanna light?” he offered, lighting his lighter and touching the flame to the end of her unlit cigarette.


Adam took a step closer and ran his hand up Kate’s thigh sliding it under the light silk and net of her mini shift dress.

“I like your dress, Kate.  It really suits you.” Adam said huskily, his hand continuing it’s path up her thigh.  He lowered his head and gently kissed Kate on her neck, Kate leant back onto the low wall of the roof top and allowed him to nuzzle her.

* * *

They looked at each other and he kissed her forehead.

“Well, that’s a good start to the evening,” Adam commented, as Kate jumped off the ledge.  He lit a cigarette and passed it to Kate.  “I better get back to work.”

“Thanks,” Kate said taking the cigarette from him as she slipped her shift back over her head.

Just then the door to the courtyard opened as two young men dressed as bartenders came out.

“Hi Adam,”

“Hi guys, what’s it like down there?”

“Yeah it’s getting busy now.” They responded, eyeing Kate up and down as she retrieved one shoe from it’s side below the wall. They looked at Adam knowingly, giving him a slight nod of approval.

Adam held the door open for Kate as they made their way back into the club.

“Well, thanks for joining me on my break,” he said as he opened the flap of the bar and moved behind it. “I hope your friends arrive soon.  Do you want another Manhattan?”

“Yes, thanks.” Kate replied, perching herself on top of the bar stool again.

Adam placed the glass on the bar and signalled for her not to pay before he served the next customer.  Kate took a sip and spun around on the stool, eyeing up the DJ.

“Hey Kate, Kate!”  two girls dressed in shimmering short dresses ran toward Kate, “We didn’t think you were out tonight!”

* * *

He stood at the back of the club, in the shadows.  He had seen her leave the club with the bartender, and now watched her kiss and cuddle the two girls who had just arrived. He shifted on his feet, pulling his cigarettes out of his pocket, before making his way to the exit.

He pushed past the bouncer guarding the exit.

“Watch it mate!” the burly man called after him.

He lit a cigarette and stood by the exit, watching the exit.

“Hey Kate, come on, I’ve got a cab!” a tall dark haired man grabbed Kate’s hand as she kissed her friends goodbye outside the club, “Chelsea, thanks cabbie.”

He watched as Kate slipped into the black cab with the dark haired man, through the back window he could see the man put an arm around Kate’s shoulders as she turned to look out the window and wave to her friends, her eyes caught sight of him and she froze as the cab disappeared into the traffic.


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