1st October, 2015

Well I’m pleased to say my word count is up this week and I managed to send my completed children’s manuscripts to a number of children’s book agents as per the Writers and Artists Yearbook. However, I have had two responses saying they were not taking any new clients at present, which put me in the dumps! I have no idea what I’m going to feel like when they actually tell me the manuscripts are not good enough! I also heard back from my Varuna Fellowship competition entry and that was basically the response I got, admittedly I was expecting that as I had submitted my picture book! I really do need to toughen up!

Last night was the first night of lectures for the last phase of the Year of the Novel course. The focus for this last phase is on reviewing and revision. Of course discussion came around to accepting rejection and Emily, our tutor, advised that you need to look at your work as a product rather than a personal creation and detach yourself from it, obviously something I have to work at!

I am still reading “Are you my Mother?” by Louise Voss.  I feel there is a little too much detail that doesn’t support the story line or plot but it is making me think, perhaps I haven’t put enough detail in my manuscripts.

I hope you like the next chapter where things start to heat up a bit for Kate. I found writing the sub plot for the antagonist a little too easy somehow the words just flowed, which worries me a little!   Perhaps I am a serial stalker and kidnapper deep down?

Enjoy the next chapter.

are you my mother

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