Chapter Twenty Six

Kate stared at the ceiling above her.  She had no idea how long she had been there or if Ryder was going to come back.  She turned to look at the food caked to the back of the door and on the floor where it had been thrown earlier.

‘Was that yesterday or the day before?’ Kate thought, confused.

Her stomach rumbled at the thought of food, and she hungrily looked at the dried food on the floor.  She tried to lick her lips but her mouth was so dry she wasn’t able to and then she felt her craving, and then her only desire was to get her next hit.  Everything else was forgotten as her body began to shake, her brain telling her she would die if she didn’t get a hit soon.

Suddenly there was a rattle of keys at the door before it swung open, revealing Ryder carrying a tray full of food and a couple of bottles of water.

“Oh, there you are, sweetheart.  How are we today?  A little more pleasant, I hope.  I can see in your eyes that you’re pleased to see me!” Ryder greeted Kate, as if it was an everyday exchange and that she wasn’t strapped to a bed, starving, dehydrated or suffering withdrawal symptoms.

All Kate could do was grunt and run her dry tongue over her lips in an attempt to lick them.

Ryder sat beside her on the bed, “Oh, you naughty girl, you’ve wet it again!  Well don’t worry I’ll change it and clean you up.  You know that’s why I’m here!”

He popped the straw from one of the bottles of water into her mouth holding it in her mouth as she drank thirstily, her lips were so dried and cracked some of the water dribbled down the sides of her mouth.

“Come on, that’s not how ladies drink their water!”  Ryder admonished in a sing song voice.

Kate continued to guzzle, water dribbling down her chin.

“I TOLD YOU THAT’S NOT HOW LADIES DRINK!” and with that Ryder pulled the straw from her mouth and slapped her across her face.

Kate stared up at him stunned, tears pricking her eyes.

“Now let’s try it again, ok?  I am not going to be seen with some uncouth female, you need to impress others as well as me.”  He placed the straw between her lips, allowing her to finish the bottle  before loosening the restraints on her arms,  allowing her to sit up.

“Ok, you will be wanting this now!” he placed the tray on her lap with pasta and bread, “and remember how to eat, like a lady.  We don’t want to waste another meal, do we?” Ryder nodded to the back of the door.

“Once you’re feeling better you can clean that up!” he smiled at her.

Kate picked up the fork and began to eat slowly, but her hunger was so great she began to stuff the food into her mouth as quickly as she could, pushing the bread into her mouth.

“Now for your cravings, I have a little concoction here that will take care of it,” Ryder shook the other bottle that looked like it contained water before handing it to her.

“Looks like water but it’s a little more potent than that.  I don’t want any of my off spring being born addicts, I don’t suppose you do either.”

Kate continued to shovel the food into her mouth, looking at the bottle momentarily.

“Come on. Not like that!” Ryder said, a harsh tone entering his voice. “Remember, like a lady!  No more of this tramp stuff!”  He placed the straw into the second bottle, “Take a sip now, by the time I fix your bed up you’ll be ready for sleep again.”

He placed the straw into her mouth, stopping Kate from eating.

Kate stared at him, she was beginning to get her bearings as the food and water did their job.  She  looked at the bottle suspiciously.

“Now come on.  You know I’m here for you, this will make your cravings go away and you will sleep through it.  Before you know it you won’t want another hit again.  Then we can be a real family!”  he smiled, his face only inches from hers.

She began to suck on the straw, drinking the whole bottle in a few seconds.

“Ok, my dear. Up you get, strip your bed.  Here’s your new linen.  And maybe this time you can use the ensuite over there?  What do you think? Or do I need to strap you up again?”

Kate followed his eyes as he looked toward the sliding door, supposedly to the ensuite.   

Ryder got up and walked to it, sliding it open and switching on the light.

“Look, your own wardrobe of clothes, all picked by me of course and beyond that, an ensuite, shower and toilet.  No sharp objects, and no electrical items, sorry my dear, I don’t think you’re ready for that, but I know that we can come to an agreement and soon you can have the run of the house.  After all I am here for you, you can trust me.”

He sat down beside her again, his face inches from her face, his fingers stroking her cheek, where he had slapped her earlier.  “But if you do anything to upset me, well, I don’t think you really want to know about that, do you?”

Kate shook her head, her hand lifting to her cheek that was still smarting from where he had slapped her.

“I think just to be on the safe side, we might strap you down, just one more time.   I do like coming in and seeing your beautiful face and body.” He smiled again as he undid the restraints on her ankles.

Kate shivered and stood slowly, her legs jelly like as she took a step before turning to face the bed to remove the linen from the bed revealing a rubber liner.

“But I won’t keep you strapped for too long, I do prefer it when you are awake,” Ryder rubbed his crotch and Kate could see his growing member.

“Go and take a shower, I’ll finish this for you.”

twenty six

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