19th December, 2015

Sorry, blog post late again but at least this week I managed to write one.

It has not been a great week for writing, a total of just over 1000 words written for Living in London and zero for all the other projects.

I have finished reading Sister and really enjoyed it. The structure was intriguing and having it read to you resulted in not getting a close look out how she managed it so I must go back and study the structure more closely.

As it is Christmas, I bought a friend of mine, who never seems to relax, the next book written by Rosamund Lupton (intending to buy her Sister but the book store didn’t have it in stock), the “The Quality of Silence”. I set her the task of reading it over the holidays, so she would actually sit down and relax, and to prove she did I told her I would set questions on it which meant that I too had to read it, so I downloaded it. It was a great present, delivered in that way and I have already begun to read it.

It appears that Lupton has used a similar, plot and structure, but I am only into Chapter 2 so will need to reserve my comments on that one until I’m a little further in.

Despite such a small amount of writing accomplished this week I have been thinking about the direction of all the projects, my aim is that by the end of the summer break to have Simon Goes to Spain reviewed and revised, I have already re-written the first chapter, in my head, hoping to make it more of a grabber for 10 – 12 year olds and have the first three chapters of the second book in the series completed. I am planning to write a skeleton for the family saga, Lintukoto, just so I can see the structure it will take and how I am going to link the two narratives. And as for the adult novel, well I’m just hoping to get more words down for that.

So my plan is now out there, let’s see if I can manage to meet the targets?

Enjoy the next chapter.

quality of silence

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