7th January, 2016

Well one week into the New Year and resolutions on track.

The editing has begun on Simon Goes to Spain. My villain was flat and lifeless so in order to develop him I used an unpleasant experience I had recently with a very arrogant man. So all the finger pointing, talking over the top of others posturing and even the bulbous nose now frame my villain’s bad deeds.

What a wonderful occupation to be a writer and manipulate your experiences to your advantage.


On the reading front, well it hasn’t been as successful as the writing, I prefer to write when I have the time, however, I am slowly working through the “Quality of Silence” I am not enjoying it as much as “Sister” also by Rosamund Lupton. The structure in the Quality of Silence is very different to that in Sister, and similar to mine, with different points of view within the same chapter, something that one person in my writing class said was against the rules! However, Lupton is giving up to three different points of view for the same incident or situation and I’m finding that a little slow going, must make note to self in regard to that. I will persevere, however, as it is the book I gave a friend before Christmas and set the task of reading it (she is not an avid reader) so I’d best make sure I do as well.


Living in London is now at 50,000 words a time to thinking seriously about how to end the story. Do I make Kate the hero and survive her incarceration unscathed, pregnant and drug free? Or does Noni, who started off as the loser in the group, rescue Kate and capture Ryder? Or does Ellie, the obvious choice, persist and save Kate, regardless of her personal and work life falling apart? And the twist, how and what will that look like?

I hope you enjoy the next chapter.

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