21st January, 2016

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein.

This quote is one of many that Einstein penned, but how accurate is it?

In our everyday lives we are so often drawn away from creativity using logic, facts and figures in our daily work lives to show productivity and ultimately meet targets. Our home lives are similar, meeting deadlines and budgets, where does creativity fit in?

Looking through NSW Writer’s Centre (NSWWC) program for this year, one course, “Remembering your Creativity” jumped out at me.   The presenter, Sue Woolfe explores the neuroscience of creativity, her credentials include working with the University of Technology on a course called Creative Intelligence.

Many writers would identify with the common catch cry of frustrated love ones telling us that daydreaming and living in a fantasy world would get us nowhere, so it is refreshing to see there is growing recognition in the importance of imagination and creativity, after all Einstein knew it.

How do you use your creative intelligence? I guess that’s where you would go along to a course such as at the NSWWC, however, many writers would already know about their ‘zone’ which is what I call it when I am just powering on creativity.

I love it when I get into the zone and words just fly onto the pages and somehow, from nowhere problems and corners I worry I have written myself into magically disappear. What I have discovered is that when I allow my creative intelligence free reign the stronger and more frequent it becomes, so getting into the zone takes less and less time and I all I need to do is just relax and allow my creativity to take over.

So let your let lose your creative being, without shame or guilt and enjoy.

creativity is intelligence having fun

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