Chapter Fifty Four

Kate’s morning sickness was beginning to subsided and she began to feel better, falling into a relaxed daily routine.

She would get up and make breakfast for Ryder before he went to bed, often enjoying a quick sex session with him, in the kitchen or the bathroom or even in bed before they got up.

Kate would tidy the house and had begun to plan the nursery, searching through the magazines that Ryder had had delivered.  He had removed the laptop, locking it in his study, but he left the key for the front door, telling her she needed to get out in the sun when it was out, for the vitamin D.

Kate would spend an hour on the treadmill, running and then made up her own yoga routine to maintain her flexibility.

Ryder had purchased multiple bottles of minerals and vitamins, including iron tablets as recommended by the doctor at the Harley St surgery and even Kate felt she was looking more  more like her old self almost glowing when she looked in the mirror.

On Friday morning, Ryder had told Kate to prepare the basement and Kate’s stomach began to flutter as she felt herself become aroused at the thought of what the night would lead to.

Kate cleaned the room, putting clean sheets on the bed and laying the restraints neatly above them.  Ryder had left the latex suit from their wedding night hanging on the door knob of the ensuite and Kate wondered if he’d put it there on purpose or if it was left from the previous session.

When Ryder got home that evening he was in a very jovial mood, talking cheerfully with Kate over their meal.

As Kate loaded the dishwasher the door bell rang, causing Kate to jump.

“Oh I asked Will to pop in.” Ryder said to Kate when she turned to face him, questioningly.  “I think he has the hots for you, but I told him not until after our little bub is born.”

Ryder went to the door as Will pressed the door bell again.

“Hey, hi Kate.” Will winked at her as he came into the kitchen.

Kate was sitting on a stool, watching him enter the room.  Her stomach sank, realising that the night wouldn’t just be the two of them.

Ryder and Will spoke for a half hour or so over a beer before Ryder looked at Kate, “Alright then babe, you go and get yourself ready in the basement.  I left the kit on the ensuite door, Will likes that one.” Ryder looked back at Will and laughed.

Kate just stared at Ryder, not believing he would do this to her again.

“Well come on then.  Don’t forget the position, on the floor in front of the bed.” He said, sternly.

+ + +

Early the next morning, Ryder picked up Kate’s bleeding body and carried her to their bed, slowly climbing the three flights of stairs.

In the morning Kate did not get out of bed, she was too sore and exhausted.  Ryder brought her breakfast and lunch along with tea and water, stroking her hair.

Before dinner he carried her to a mineral salt bath he had run and washed her thoroughly, encouraging another orgasm from her before gently washing her hair.

Her cuts and welts stung initially when he dropped her gently into the bath but the salts seemed to work and she began to feel less sore after Ryder rinsed her hair, gently massaging her feet.

That night Kate lay in bed alone, while Ryder watched TV downstairs.  She knew she couldn’t keep going on like this.  What if he decided to bring other men home or he lost it so much he killed her.  She had told him she couldn’t breath in the mask but it didn’t seem to worry him when he was grinding his groin into her.

She realised then, she had to leave.  The good Ryder didn’t outweigh the bad, her life was at risk if she stayed.

Ryder came up to bed later that night, waking Kate, “hey babe, Will says the video has already gone viral.  You’re a porn star babe.” He stroked her back.

It was then that Kate realised there must be cameras in the basement.  There was no video camera set up when she went downstairs to get ready.  That would explain how he knew she had the knife in the shower, weeks before.  Her skin prickled as he stroked lower, cupping her buttock cheek.

“How about a quickie?” he asked into her ear, “it’s not everyday you get to sleep with a porn star.”

+ + +

Ryder took a cup of tea to Kate on Monday morning before he left for work.

“How are you babe?” he whispered into her ear.

Kate opened her eyes, “okay, really tired still.  I think I’ll sleep a little longer.”

“Of course.”  Ryder said.  “I left the keys on the bench in the kitchen.  Perhaps you should get out for a little walk?”

Kate nodded weakly and closed her eyes.

It was midday before she awoke again.  She lifted her heavy head and sat up, staring at the cold tea Ryder had delivered four hours earlier.

She got up and shuffled to the bathroom, turning on the shower as she scanned her body of the injuries inflicted two days earlier.

She began to cry, she knew there was no answer to these emotions.  She felt so strongly for him but she knew that it was wrong, dangerous.  Perhaps without Will, she could survive, change Ryder with the love and affection that he had obviously not had as a child.  But Will was another matter and Ryder seemed to be driven by him.

Kate stood in the shower and then sank to the floor, allowing the water to wash over her.  The cold tiles a sharp contrast to the heat of the water.  Her tears mingled with the water running into the drain.

When she went downstairs she tried the study door, she always did, locked.  She shuffled into the kitchen and toyed with the key for the front door deadbolt and then went to it, opening the door and stepping outside.

The cool air washed over her, she looked up at the grey autumn sky, everything was grey, the industrial units beside Ryder’s property and the bare trees beyond them.  Kate’s heart started to race and she stepped back inside.

Chapter Fifty Four

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