16th July, 2016

So the long haul of editing begins in earnest.  After a rather hilarious reading at my writer’s group of the development of my protagonist and her relationship with Mike, I realised how clichéd it was.

So editing task 1, is to make her character a little less perfect.  I have decided to make a character arc, something I am completely unfamiliar with and put her through the wringer.

Ellie in the first draft is quite well put together. I need to make her more interesting and flawed.  That will be my focus this week, and I will develop each of the characters to give them more depth and make them more interesting.

Meanwhile my readings for the Writers’ Book club are continuing to enthral, improve and frustrate.  I am enthralled at how many of these authors are first time published and how accomplished their styles are.  I’m hoping that my writing will improve as I identify the effective techniques in my own work.  However, I am also frustrated as a number of the works don’t have a plot, story line or action!

‘The Natural Way of Things’ by Charlotte Woods, falls into that category, beautiful imagery and an interesting perspective on female relationships but the best thing about this book is the hook in the first paragraph.  Personally I feel this is the only reason this book won awards and is on the best seller list!  The beginning is exceptional, it hooks you in encouraging you to finish the book waiting for the ‘WHY’ to be revealed, unfortunately nothing happens throughout the remainder of the book.  It is an exposition about a group of high maintenance females who are imprisoned in the middle of nowhere and how they change in such severe conditions, almost like an extreme version of a group of high school girls on camp. And it’s not pretty.

I’m not giving anything away apart from the fact I just wanted them to find a shovel and dig, an obvious escape from their predicament.

To sum this book up, it is evidence of what a great hook will do for you!

The natural way of things

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