17th August, 2017

Hello to all those fellow suffers of the writing bug.  As I plod along with my writing I am pleased to say I have started my second 80,000 word project which is a rural romantic suspense, now named Wellworth.  My protagonist is part indigenous, as I wanted to explore covert racism and also to support minorities in mainstream media (should it get published!).  Needless to say the research needs to be thorough.

I found it very difficult to begin the creative process of writing.  Every line I wrote felt like it would need heavy editing which slowed the process.  Then I recalled a mantra I used over a year ago when I was creating;

‘Write, write, write.  Let the words flow from you and trust that they will fall in the correct order.’


‘Allow yourself to write badly.’

Is very good advice.

These have become my mantras while writing and have made it easier for me to let go and get out of the editing mode and into the creating mode.  And yes, editing is going to be a nightmare, however, I have written over 20,000 words so far.

The book is about a woman who was raised in institutes so I have designed a front cover to reflect this, however, a front cover that reflects the rural aspect of the book would be a bigger eye catcher on a book shelf.

I have also been catching up with the Big Little Lies TV series.  I read the book and enjoyed it but I didn’t think there was anything that stood out about it.  However, the TV series is very good.  Strange how that can happen.  Like the Girl on the Train, I loved the book along with millions of others but the movie was not such a big hit.  I have heard more about the TV series for Big Little Lies (which I binged on to whilst I’m home, off my feet) than the book.

Keep plodding on and I’ll keep you up to date with my new project.

Wellworth front cover

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