29th November, 2017

So after such a low blog a few months ago, this one is quite different.  I have been offered a publishing contract for my children’s book, Simon goes to Spain and I am really looking forward to learning about the publishing process first hand and that it will further develop my writing.

My husband has been offered a job in NYC so we’re in the process of packing up in preparation for the move.

So in the midst of all this there has not been a lot of writing.  I have grabbed a couple of hours here and there and have begun work on the second book in the “Simon goes..” series; ‘Simon goes to Camp’, where he meets an Eco terrorist, named Jasper.  I really enjoy writing these books, they are much lighter than the adult books and I can validly include some of my corny humour.

Reading has also been limited, however, I have completed ‘Transit’ by Rachel Cusk.  ‘Transit’ is very similar to her book, ‘Outline’, where Faye, the protagonist, documents her travels to Greece to teach a writing class.  Transit is a snippet of her life after a separation and move to London and her retrospect of the people she meets.  Her observations are an interesting exercise in prose.  With Cusk’s ability to make sense out of the everyday and give the reader the perception that events outside of their own existence are often more significant than those in their own.  It is thought provoking and good literary manipulation leading to in some poignant and beautiful sentences.   However, if you’re hoping for something meaningful to happen in the book, you may be disappointed.  Certainly worth a read for the stylistic way Cusk writes and to pick up some great pointers for your own writing.

I have just completed another Miles Franklin short listed book – The Last Days of Ava Langdon by Mark O’Flynn.  I have to say I relate to Ava, far too well.  Especially when she takes a machete to a best-selling book in her local library – not that I have physically done that but I can say I have done many times in my mind.  The Last Days of Ava Langdon was based on the Australian writer Eve Langley.  O’Flynn has added a note at the end of his book which gives some detail of Eve Langley’s life and it makes the book all the more interesting, and sad.

After reading the 2017 Miles Franklin winning book, Extinctions by Josephine Wilson, I wasn’t too sure how I felt.  It follows Frederick Lothian who moves to a nursing home facility after the death of his wife and moves to Caroline, briefly, his adopted indigenous daughter who works and lives in London.  Wilson captures the loss of meaning in life when your days are not filled with work and relationships very well.  I have had to visit my elderly step father on occasions and his relating of ‘not having any time to do anything,’ despite not having anything to do is exactly the feeling Wilson gives in her book.  However, Frederick does get things done.  An interesting read.

Anyway back to packing, and hopefully a quick writing session.



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