E J Avey Author Website.

Wow, it’s 2019 already.  I was wondering what to put in my blog this month, so I looked back at the first New Year’s resolution I posted back in 2016 – three years ago!  I won’t need to make any new ones as I’m still working on those! 

I did want to share my publication date for Simon Goes to Spain the 31st January 2019.  It feels like such a long time ago when the manuscript was accepted by Austin Macauley and now it is here – the launch of the book.  It is being released in the UK and Europe, initially, as hard cover, paperback and e book. And if you Google search – E J Avey – there is a list of bookstores which are taking advance orders, including Amazon – my UK friends and family please buy a copy or ask your local library to order one.

I have an author site and it would be great for you to have a quick look – and check out the blog and news posts I have written.

I am waiting in anticipation to see how the launch goes, especially as I am over here, in sunny Australia, and begin paid work at the end of the month.

It’s all very new to me and I feel so grateful that someone liked my book enough to publish it, I just hope more people like it as well.

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