28th May, 2019

My how time has flown! Almost halfway through the year and the marker that tells me I’m another year older! I do hate getting old, most of the time I don’t really notice, you’re so busy that a day goes by and then a week and then before you know it, it’s a year! But I am beginning to feel the signs of wear and tear, an achy joint here and a pulled muscle there! There’s no avoiding it.

Perhaps facing my mortality is the motivation behind my next project, a story about life’s lessons, rebirth and death. My research involves reading the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and I’m looking forward to subjecting my characters to mystical and transcendental experiences.

In the meantime, I’m working on Living in London – identifying the icebergs that need to remain below the ocean of words. Once complete, Ellie, Kate and Noni’s lives will be intertwined in this coming of age Young Adult Thriller.

I still find the initial stage of editing onerous, despite the drafts and re drafts of previous projects. It’s like going for a run, the thought of it is painful but once you’re out there it feels great and the benefits really show. So too with LIL, the changes that happen as you type away still amazes me. I wonder what it’s called, the phenomenon that happens somewhere between your consciousness and the keyboard. Creativity, imagination, inspiration? None of those words label it effectively. I’ll just call it magic, because despite my age I still believe in it.

Words of wisdom this month:

Don’t doubt your ability to create magic every day.

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