18th July, 2020

It was great that the Emerging Writers Festival was digital this year. I really enjoyed each and every presenter. However, I have to say that Omar Sakr’s presentation ‘In Poetic Times’ inspired me the most. So much so I bought one of his books and intend to buy his second one when it is back in stock. His poetry is somehow both vulnerable and menacing – like rolling thunder before a storm! Check out the link below, even those of you who don’t like poetry will appreciate this one, especially teacher friends.  Click on the image to listen to it here:

Click on the image to listen to Omar’s reading.

Coffee coloured.

Yes, I have colour

Just a tinge, like a cup of coffee. Not of my desire.


My family are white, my stepfather, half-sister, and mother


I was the brown sheep, the disparate one

It was okay to treat me differently back then.


I was deemed inferior.


Black and white was how whole countries ran

Not to be white a cause for intolerance.


I worked harder


I strove to prove I was equally bright

Pretty, compassionate, forgiving, more white.


To be a better daughter,


I would always have colour,

It was all I knew – not being good enough.


Until I stopped

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