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Chapter Thirty Eight

“Hey, mum.  It’s Kate.  How are you?” Kate asked into her phone. “Oh, Katie.  Where are you and when are you back?  I need to let D.I Thompson know.  Your … Continue reading

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Chapter Twenty Nine

It was after midnight when Ryder re-entered Kate’s room.  A sliver of light fell across her sleeping face.  He switched the lights on, Kate didn’t move, completely unconscious. “Soon you’ll … Continue reading

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Chapter Twenty Seven

“Hi Sergio,” Ellie said as she sat beside Sergio at the  Slow and Easy.  It was raining and the memory of that sunny afternoon last time Ellie met Sergio flashed … Continue reading

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Chapter Twenty Four

Kate threw a frozen dinner into the microwave and then reached for her phone.  After what the butler had told her at Lady Stane’s she decided she would call D.I … Continue reading

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Chapter Seventeen

It was three o’clock in the afternoon when Ellie arrived home on the Saturday.  She felt very unsatisfied with how things had gone on the weekend.  She had intended to … Continue reading

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Chapter Ten

“Hi, Kate.  Where have you been, we thought you had gone away for the winter?” “Hi, yeah it felt like it.” Kate was standing in The Slow and Easy.  She … Continue reading

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Chapter Nine

“So the food is better?” Ellie asked Kate who was propped up in her hospital bed.  Ellie looked around the private room, it looked more like an exclusive hotel room … Continue reading

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