Chapter Ten

“Hi, Kate.  Where have you been, we thought you had gone away for the winter?”

“Hi, yeah it felt like it.” Kate was standing in The Slow and Easy.  She had arranged to catch up with a few friends to celebrate being out of hospital, not that they knew she had been there.  She was ready to let her hair down, she hadn’t partied since before the incident.

“Hey Kate, you up for some?” Jed waved a small bag of white powder.

“Yeah, sure.”

When Kate returned the band had begun, she was buzzing now and ready to dance all night.  The band were good and the lead singer caught her eye, had she met him before?

“Hey, gorgeous.  My names Jon, I noticed you from up there.” Jon the lead singer was even cuter up close, he had amazing green eyes and Kate was hot and eager after dancing her way through the last set.

“Hi, I noticed you as well.  My name’s Kate.”

“Do I know you from somewhere?”

“Perhaps, I was in a photo shoot a couple of weeks back, I think it was published this week.”

“Was it Playboy?” Jon asked, with a cheeky grin, “You’re sexy enough!” He ran his fingers down her exposed back, her loose fitting cotton mini clinging to her sweaty body.  “Why don’t we go somewhere a little more private?” he added.

“Hmm, where do you suggest?”

“Come this way.” Jon led Kate into the unisex bathrooms.

* * *

Kate made her way out of the toilets, she decided she would have one more drink and then head to Posado, a cocktail bar down the street, a few of her gang would be there.

As she made her way to the bar she caught sight of someone staring at her, she turned her head and was certain it was him!  What was he doing here?  She immediately turned to leave, her heart thumping in her chest.  What was wrong with her?

* * *

She made her way out of the busy pub, past the outside tables onto Camden High St.  The evening was balmy and there were a number of people outside.

“Kate, Kate!”

Kate turned to see Ellie, closely followed by Sergio.

“Oh, hi Ellie, hi Sergio.  How are you?” She straightened her dress and patted her hair.

“What are you doing out? Did you get out of hospital this morning?” Ellie had a look of shock on her face.

“Yeah, yeah.  But Troy’s at Mother’s, and he’s such a pain, honestly I’m more likely to bust a stitch staying home with him than out here having a few pints.”

“Where are you going?” Sergio asked, in his smooth Italian accent.

“Oh, no where, though I might wander down to the Posado for a drink, then head home,”  she looked over his shoulder, she thought she had glimpsed him come outside.

“God, Kate, I am so worried about you.  You need to go home, now!” Ellie demanded.

“Look you’re not my keeper, ok.”

“Someone tried to stab you less than a week ago and now you’re out partying.  You don’t know who it was, for all you know they could be following you right now!”

“What do you mean, someone tried to kill her?” Sergio looked at Ellie with a stunned face, “I didn’t know about this.”

“Well the police are looking into this but the surgeon who operated said the wounds couldn’t be self inflicted.”

“And you don’t remember anything?” Sergio implored from Kate.

“No, I don’t.  In fact if it wasn’t for the bloody scars, I would say it never happened.  I feel fine!” Kate retorted, “anyway your surgeon boyfriend would say anything you wanted to hear.”

Ellie stared at Kate, she couldn’t believe that she had just said that.

“I mean he did like you didn’t he.  Not that you would have given him the time of day,” Kate tried to back track.

“I’m putting you in a cab home, now.”  Ellie flagged down a cab heading toward them, “Gloucester Crescent, thanks,” she said to the cab driver, opening the back door and pushing Kate in, in one swift movement.  She kissed Kate goodbye before closing the door on her.  Kate allowed herself to be put in the cab, she was sure she saw him again, by the exit.

“Gloucester Drive, then love?” The cabbie asked, looking at her in his mirror.

“Yeah, thanks, I’ve had enough for the evening,” Kate replied resting her head on the back of the seat, she was feeling a little sore now.

* * *

“My God, your friends!” Sergio said, still wearing the stunned face from earlier.

“I have been looking out for her all week and the first evening I have to spend with you, I am still playing her guardian!”  Ellie, hoped that Sergio didn’t pick up on the surgeon boyfriend comment, Kate had made, or the over the top back track. “Let’s go back to my place before anything else happens.”

* * *

Ellie got up and padded across the parquetry flooring to her kitchen, it was early on Sunday morning, her favourite time to spend in bed with Sergio.   She put the kettle on and popped a few slices of bread into the toaster, however, she felt a strange sense of uneasiness.

They had made love last night, she playing along with Sergio’s good girl fantasy, allowing him to take the lead.  This kept Ellie’s thoughts drifting back to the night she had spent with Mike where she took the lead in their lovemaking.

“Come on, hon. I’ve got to head off soon.” Sergio called from the bedroom.

Ellie returned to the bedroom with a pot of tea and toast, butter melting into it, Sergio was propped up on the plump pillows, his hair messy from sleep. He looked so good, his aquiline nose, dark eyes, full lips.  He smiled when he saw her.

“Mmm, provisions for energy, for the next round,” he joked as Ellie slipped into bed beside him, expertly balancing the tray in one hand.

“Yes, round two,” she placed the tray on his knees while she nuzzled into his neck.

“Hmm, I’m starving, lets eat the toast before it gets cold, you make the best toast” Sergio winked at Ellie.

“Where are you going today?” Ellie questioned, biting into her toast.

“I’ve got a family meeting, over lunch at Coccenni’s, you know one of those huge Italian family things, where we’ll be talking family.”

“I could come, I haven’t got anything on today,” Ellie offered.

“No, you’ll be bored, trust me, we’ll all be speaking Italian anyway, so you wouldn’t even understand what we’re saying.”

“Good time for me to brush up on my Italian,” Ellie persisted.

“Look, it’s a family thing, ok!” Sergio said sharply, ending the discussion.

Ellie moved away from him slightly, licking the last of the butter from her fingers, the air was heavy and she didn’t know how to break the sudden negative atmosphere.

Oh, well, nothing to loose, she thought, as she moved closer to Sergio and began to nibble his neck.

“Hey baby,” Sergio breathed into her hair, “I’m sorry I snapped.”

Ellie moved her hand down his body and positioned herself on top of him.

“Hey, it’s good you’re ready,” he said as he pushed her back on the bed and kissed her deeply.

* * *

Later that day, Ellie replayed the scene in her head.  She had attempted to make a move and try to dominate the love making, for a change, but it didn’t work out that way.  What was wrong with her, it had always been okay in the past, she didn’t mind that Sergio called the shots?  After all he was just that much older than her, he had more experience, and she was usually very satisfied with their love-making.  She needed to put it to the back of her head.

* * *


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