18th June, 2015

Ok, so my week started well by rear-ending three other vehicles, bloody inner city driving!! No-one injured and no great damage just my pride and purse!

I have pulled myself away from Jo Nesbo, after reading two of the trilogy.

I thought I should read something a little less gruesome so I read a JoJo Moyes short story – Honeymoon in Paris and just as I was getting into the story and enjoying the characters, it ended!!

Now I am a little concerned about my ‘short story’ being publishing on the blog! I always feel so short-changed when I read a short story, is it because we’re trained to read 80,000 words to feel like we have read a novel?? However, if I take by critiques view point I would need to write 80,000 words just in character descriptions, so perhaps it will become 80,000 after all!!

I hope you enjoy Chapter 7, it’s about Noni, and I have been through it to develop her character a little more, hopefull


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