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Chapter 60

Mike ducked his head as Deb, Ellie’s mother led them to the living room on a mezzanine above the kitchen. “This will have to be where you’re sleeping tonight.  I’m … Continue reading

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Chapter Fifty Eight

They bundle into the dimly lit hallway of the apartment building and slowly climbed the stairs to  Billy’s first floor flat, Mike supporting Ellie as she cried relentlessly into Mike’s … Continue reading

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Chapter Fifty Seven

After her phone call with Mike, Ellie went to Morgan and explained the events of the past couple of days.  Morgan sat impassively nodding and harrumphing at certain parts of … Continue reading

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Chapter Forty One

It was almost 10am before Ellie got walked out of the elevator at work.  She juggled her coffee as put her bags down beside her desk. She immediately switched on … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Three

“Hey Mike!  It’s so good to see you.” Ellie said opening the door to Mike and a large bunch of flowers. “Mmmm, my favourite patient,” Mike said as he put … Continue reading

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Chapter Twenty Five

Noni had been run off her feet.  It was always the same when the end of the month coincided with a Thursday.  Thursday was when the weekly magazines were finalised … Continue reading

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Chapter Fourteen

Noni sat nervously outside D.I Thompson’s office door.  She thought back to the conversation with Ellie, it was nice that she wanted to warn her of what the D.I wanted … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirteen

“Hey, Noni, it’s Ellie,” “Yeah, you came up on my caller ID.” “Oh, of course, look can we catch up for a coffee this afternoon, say 3pm?” “Um, yeah sure,” … Continue reading

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Chapter 7

Ellie joined Noni at the coffee table, plonking down their coffees.  It was the same spot where they had first met, and where Ellie had received the call about Kate, … Continue reading

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18th June, 2015

Ok, so my week started well by rear-ending three other vehicles, bloody inner city driving!! No-one injured and no great damage just my pride and purse! I have pulled myself … Continue reading

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