25th June, 2015

Ok, so penultimate day of term 2, yay. I’m not sure how I’m going to make it in for the ultimate day, but as long as I don’t rear end someone, I’ll be happy.

This has been a big week, personally and with my writing.

My husband and I sat down and looked at our finances, well, mine in fact, which are pretty dire, and have come up with a solution to sorting them out, hopefully. The sweetener at the end of the ‘going without’, ‘making sure you can afford it’, ‘do you really need another pair of shoes, trousers, dress, handbag?’ is that I will get a mini (the car) at the end of the year. So I have a goal, just to get to the end of the year, which is 6 months or 189 days, 4540 hours, 272417 minutes and the seconds aren’t worth looking at, I’ll just stick to the 6 months, if I can!!

I had to do my first reading in front of a live audience this week, my tutor group for writing a novel. There are some really hardcore novelists in the group, there is someone who had just completed her novel which is a stream of consciousness?? That frightens me!  Another person is a book editor whilst another edits or throws out scripts for TV shows. I am so beholden to them as I still ask questions like, ‘structure? What is structure?’ On one of my first tutes I asked what a scene was, I still cringe when I think about it!!

Well I read the bombing scene from my family saga, it went down well, it took everyone a few seconds, which felt like hours, to say anything after the clap. I wasn’t sure if that was because it was immaculate or so dreadful they were thinking of where to start, but ultimately (my favourite word this post) was that my voice or point of view was a little confusing. And that it lacked some emotion, considering the four-year old, Sara, saw her baby brother dead! Two things I can fix! Emily (Maguire) our tutor said I didn’t need to take on board what was being said as she enjoyed it as it was but to consider it for development! And the piece de resistance was when the book editor said, ‘despite all that was said, it was a story told by a very good story teller’!!!

Anyway as far as my reading goes, I have read Stirred with Love, by Marcie Steele, not bad. It was an easy read, and I liked the characters, they didn’t evoke me to hate them or love them but it was one of those reads that are nice to have after a Jo Nesbo book or when you really don’t want a lot of pressure reading. She has sold 50,000 copies of the book only as an ebook! Well done Marcie. Her next novel looks interesting and I may well download as another, low pressure read. However, I have begun, Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, first chapter in and I don’t want to put it down!! Seriously difficult as I have the grandkids this weekend until Wednesday and a new grandchild due any day!! I will let you know how it goes next week.

Anyway Living in London, we look into Noni’s life a little more. There is an R rated scene, which will not be included on the blog but, if you would like it , let me know. They are really a work in progress!! Enjoy.

stirred with love

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