2nd July, 2015

What a busy week! End of term 2, already, bit of a mad rush to get things finalized before break. I had my two oldest grandsons for most of this week, which was a lot of fun, we did a lot of cooking and shopping of birthday presents as they both have birthdays in the next month and then my third grandson arrived on the 30th!! He is so perfect, even if I say so myself. After having two grandchildren I didn’t realize it would still be as emotional as the first birth. When my youngest son called to tell me they were in labour, I became so anxious, I guess lots of things can go wrong, and it was their first child. Thankfully everything went perfectly and Finnley was born at 7:47pm. He is perfect, his skin is beautiful, no scratches or blotches, he has perfect miniature fingers and fingernails and (despite not being able to see his toes) I’m sure his toes are equally perfect. He is a calm content baby and to be quite honest I could go on and on, but I doubt you would be as enamoured by him and find it a little boring, I have included a photo of him!!!

Needless to say writing and reading has been kept to a minimum this week. I have not finished reading ‘The Girl on the Train’, but will be shortly, grabbing short reads whenever possible. As for my writing, I awoke early this morning to make a start on it and had almost forgotten about Ellie, Kate, Noni and the gang! I guess there’s nothing like children in your life to bring you back to reality, not that it’s a bad thing!

Me and Finnley
Me and Finnley

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