9th July, 2015

Well it’s hard to follow a blog post after last weeks! I have had a solid few days of writing and have finished (first draft) my first episode of the Simon Goes series, along with my picture book. I am currently re-editing both and I was feeling optimistic about getting them published!!

Well, until I began to do a little research, now I’m not so optimistic! There are so many options, do I send straight to a publisher, one of a very few who are looking at unsolicited children’s literature, or send straight to an agent, or submit to a website where registered readers rate the manuscript, or just self publish?

The common theme, however, is that it is important the work is the best you can make it, because if it’s been rejected once, it’s near impossible to get it looked at again, no matter how much more polished it is.

Anyway, publishing is still a way off as I re-read my work, I realise there will be quite a few more drafts before it is polished enough to present to anyone!!!

I have finished reading ‘The Girl on the Train’ which I thoroughly enjoyed. I read a little about the author, Paula Hawkins, who was a journalist when she was commissioned to write a series of ‘chick lits’ under the name Amy Silver, which didn’t do too well before writing “The Girl on the Train” which is now being made into a movie! It’s stories like that, that give us hope!! Anyway I recommend everyone have a read, I like the way she depicts Rachel’s (the heroine) struggle with alcohol, however, when I read about Rachel, having a drink, it did make me fell like having one, as well!! Is that a sign??

This week at our course, The Year of The Novel, we talked about suspense and tension so I have introduced an ex lover on the scene for Kate, just a fleeting glance as I haven’t really thought through how it will all link together. Also we discussed theme, and I felt I had a strong theme running through the story, however, after contemplation I’m not sure it will be the same one at the end!!

I hope you enjoy this chapter. Let me know what you think.

The girl on the train

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