23rd July, 2015

Well, it’s been two weeks since my last blog. Going back to school after the holidays took a little more out of me than I expected and time got away from me, before I knew it , it was Thursday!

I’m currently on break from the Year of the Novel, so really have to get down to some serious writing but despite this, my writing has been a little haphazard. My last chapter, was an ‘admin’ chapter where I needed to clear up a few points, give Emma a bit of substance and set up the investigation for Kate’s attacker and implicate Noni.

I am also editing Simon Goes to Spain and The Very Naughty Spotty Puppy Dog, (how many adjectives in that title), so I have included a page from the picture book today.

As for my reading, I have been reading ‘The Finnish Girl’ by Dennis Frahmann. It is a departure from my usual genres I read, but also it offers some research into my family saga I am writing (occasionally), it has a matter of fact of rhythm, if that makes sense, much like the Finnish people themselves and I feel it has a lot of monologue, which would be made more interesting interesting with dialogue and action.

This next chapter of Living in London sees Ellie on her week with Gregory James, whilst trying to catch up with Noni and keep her relationship going with Sergio. I hope you enjoy it.

the very naughty spotty puppy dog

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