30th July

Another week, another chapter, except that last week I posted Chapter Eleven again instead of Chapter Twelve, when I noticed this on Tuesday, I worked at double time to correct. This week I will post Chapter Thirteen and it will be the correct one (I hope)!

As for my reading, well I gave up with the Finnish Girl. I don’t like to review anyone’s work in a negative way, I know how much time and effort goes into writing and how it is your ‘child’. Reading the Finnish Girl was like reading a piece of research however, the motivation of using it to complete an essay wasn’t there. The structure was okay and the content was interesting, overall, but the bits in between just didn’t seem to keep the reader going, well this reader (me).

I hope my work isn’t the same in regard to keeping readers going. I can certainly say that my writing is like my children and it is precious, in my eyes, though every time I read it and re-read I see all the flaws!!!

I have started to read Bones on Ice by Kathy Reichs, it’s a novella, which is frustrating as it finishes too soon. I have read a lot of her novels but not this year and looking at it as a wannabe writer, I am now looking at her writing in a new light, the dialogue, structure and point of view are all highlighted. I didn’t realize she wrote in first person, which I think is the most difficult voice to write. This is the voice I will be using in my family saga, for the part of the contemporary character and I am having difficulty in doing this, so it’s nice to see a favourite author writing in this way and doing such a good job.

bones on ice

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