16th September, 2015

Last week of term and a little manic as I try to get all the things I should have completed two weeks ago done in the next two days! This has resulted in a drop in my writing time; however, with two weeks off I should be able to make it up.

I am still focusing on suspense and trying to work out how much information to give the reader is proving difficult. This is exacerbated because I am publishing a chapter a week and I know I will get three chapters in and want to change the storyline four chapters before! I am finding that with suspense needs a plot in order to allow a build up of tension. I have decided the only way to solve this problem is to write at least seven chapters ahead!

As for my reading this week, I have finally received the Writer’s and Artists’ Yearbook 2016. It is published in the UK and is mainly filled with UK agents and publishers, however, there are a number of guidance articles, from how to get your book published to writing historical fiction. I found myself reading the section on finance for writers‘ section and discovered that the HMRC (UK tax office) determine that if you are making a loss on your writing, ie; not making money, it is deemed as a hobby! I wish I could just write as a hobby rather than feel that every spare moment needs to be either taken up with writing or considering the next chapter of my book.

Well, I hope you enjoy the next chapter.

writers and artists 2016

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