Chapter Thirty Two

Kate stood in the shower allowing the warm water to wash over her.  She had cleaned the ensuite of the blood and broken glass from the incident in the morning.  She closed her eyes and considered her situation,  she knew in order to survive this she was going to have to play along with Ryder’s delusions.  Her cravings were still a constant for her but she was finding that her thoughts were coming together better now.

Kate tilted her face, allowing the water to wash over face feeling the water cleanse her, the feel of the drops beating on her eye lids reminded her of being a child again and suddenly she was ten again.  Back in her mother and step father’s house, her body just beginning to form Troy was 14 and had begun to show an increased interest in her and how her body was beginning to change.

+ + +

“Hey Katie, come here.” Troy called from his bedroom.

“No, go and get your own drink, I’m not your servant.” Kate called back from her bedroom across the hall. 

“No, it’s not that.  Look, I’ve got something to show you.” Troy’s voice was closer and Kate turned to see he was standing in her doorway a goofy grin on his face.  His bony face spotted by acne and his hair hanging lankly with grease.

“I’ll show you in here,” he smiled as he stepped into her room, closing the door behind him.

“Get out, I don’t want to see.  This is my room.” Kate insisted as she tried to push past him.  Kate was not curious about what Troy wanted to show her, it was probably a knuckle sandwich or a typewriter, both of which hurt.

“No, really, Kate you’re going to want to see this,” he said as he grabbed her shoulders, his face close to hers, his eyes shining madly,  “really I need to show you.” He rubbed his body against her.

“Mum, mum!” Kate screamed trying to break free from his grip.

He covered her mouth with his hand holding her close to him with the other.

“Come on Kate, it’s a game.  You don’t want to bother Mum, you know what she’s like.” he said into her ear.

Kate continued to struggle trying to break free.

Troy released her, grabbing her throat and squeezing as he pushed her onto her bed.  Kate gulped for breath her arms and legs flailing.

Troy held her in place on the bed as he pushed her t-shirt above her budding breasts.

+ + +

“See, didn’t you want to see that?”

Kate’s face was wet with tears, she stood up and ran out of her bedroom, pulling up her track pants.

+ + +

Kate opened her eyes, letting the water run into them and beat on her face.  Kate recalled her Mother’s face, the look of disbelief until she saw the marks on Kate’s neck and the scratches on Troy.

Lady Stane took Kate to the hospital, notifying the staff of what Kate had told her but it all seemed so clinical and detached, there was no empathy toward Kate from her Mother.

Kate felt guilty for shaming the family and sullying the good name of the Stane’s.

She also felt responsible for Troy being enrolled into one exclusive boarding school after another, never remaining very long before he was expelled.

Lady Stane paid for the best counsellors for Kate but when she tried to get her Mother to comfort her during the early days after the attack, Lady Stane made it quite clear she wasn’t available to discuss it.

+ + +

“Ok, my love?” Ryder called as he entered the ensuite, Kate immediately snapped out of her reminiscing.

As she emerged from the shower Ryder looked at her face.

“Oh, look at your poor face, don’t worry it will be back to usual in no time.  Look I bought you this ointment, put it on, it will stop the bruising.  Look I’ll help.”

Ryder took the lid off the ointment and began to rub it into the bruising down the right side of her body, Kate winced as he touched her ribs.

“Trust me love, they’re not broken.  I’ve had plenty of broken ribs, yours are fine,” he offered.

“Ok, this is what I brought in for you to wear tonight, whilst we celebrate over our fine dinner.” He held up a sheer negligee in cream with a black tie and black thong.

Kate took them from him and put them on, noticing the Montparnasse label.

He led her into the bedroom where he had set up a card table and two dining chairs.  The table was set with a candle, a bottle of Bollinger, two champagne flutes and plates of steaming food.

Kate’s stomach rumbled.

“Oh, I know you’ve got your cravings, but this,” Ryder said as he poured her a glass of champagne, “will curb them for a while.  I don’t want you to go to sleep during our celebration!”

Ryder handed her the glass as he pulled out a chair for her, carefully pushing it in as she sat.

He picked up the other glass of champagne and held it up, “Cheers”.

“Ah, now this is better.  No more straps.  No more beatings, you just have to do as you’re told and enjoy.” He smiled at her across the table, the candle light flickering off his features and sending eery shadows around the room.

Kate nodded. “So has anyone been in touch with me?” she asked after sipping her champagne.

“Well, now you ask, that Ellie Gordon has been rather persistent.  Your mother called once or twice and so did a D.I Thompson.  I have kept your phone on charge but for reasons that I’m sure you’re aware of I have kept it turned off most of the time.  Once you’re well I’m sure you can have it back for a few hours a day.  Now eat up, we’ve got a busy night ahead of us.” He grinned his teeth gleaming in the flickering light.

Kate shuddered, threw back her champagne and held up her empty glass for more.

“Ah, eat something first.  I don’t want you so drunk you’ll miss our celebration.”

+ + +

thirty two

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