Chapter Thirty Five

Ellie and Mike had spent a short time on the flyers before Mike had to leave to head back to the hospital.  Ellie’s publishing software gave the flyers a professional look and Ellie was pleased with the finished product.

“I’ll get these printed in town and then I’ll post them from Kate’s house to the gym where we were meeting for yoga.”  Ellie said giving the flyers a quick once over before saving to her thumb drive.

“Are you sure that’s such a good idea?  What if Lady Stane sees them?”  Mike asked.

“Well I guess she’ll get to see that I’m really concerned for Kate.”

“I guess you haven’t broken any laws, I don’t think.”  Mike said, slightly concerned.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” a man from one of the neighbouring houses to Kate’s mother’s asked as he strode down his front path. “No illegal advertising here!”

“Oh, hi, this isn’t advertising.  I’m looking for my friend.  She’s lives in that house.” Ellie said pointing toward Lady Stane’s house.

“Oh, one of Lady Stane’s children?”

“Yes, she hasn’t been seen since last Tuesday.”

“Well, why isn’t Lady Stane posting these then?  I haven’t been questioned by the police.”  The neighbour said, looking at the flyer Ellie had put on the telegraph post.

“Hello, Hi John.” Another neighbour joined them, curiosity obviously getting the better of her.

“Hi,” Ellie said waiting to be told off by the lady as well.

“Oh, that’s Kate isn’t it?  Is she missing then?” the lady asked.

“According to this woman she is, but as I was saying I haven’t been questioned by the police and Lady Stane hasn’t said anything, I was talking to her over the fence the other day.” John, the neighbour said.

“Oh, last Tuesday?  I do recall seeing something.  I thought it may have been Kate walking along the footpath with her yoga mat on her back.  It’s nice to see her looking after herself, she was always such a problem for her mother and step father, you know.”  The lady neighbour said to Ellie.

“I turned away from the window to bring out a bag of rubbish, I was going to say hi to Kate but by the time I got out my front door she was gone, I thought she must have run as I couldn’t see any sight of her up the road.”

Oh, does she often run up the street?” Ellie asked.

“No, can’t say that I’ve seen her do that before, after all I was just happy to see her heading off to yoga.”

John looked up and down the street, “are you sure you saw her, it’s a good 650 yards to the nearest cross street from here, how long did it take you to get to the front door?”

“I was straight out the door, wasn’t even one minute.” The lady offered.

“Did you see anyone else with her or a vehicle that drove past around the same time?” Ellie questioned, obvious excitement in her voice.

“Umm, no I didn’t see anyone else but I did see a large silver car drive off, Mercedes I think.”

“You don’t remember the number plate I suppose?” Ellie asked excitedly.

“No, but there was only one person in there, I thought perhaps Kate had gotten a lift but I only saw the back of the driver’s head as it drove away.” The neighbour offered.

“Had you seen that car around here before?”

“A silver Mercedes? Take a look around you, there are plenty of Mercedes around here.” John commented, looking at the lady, who nodded along with him before looking at Ellie.

“Ok, well thanks for your help.  Do you mind if I leave this flyer here and look I’ll give you each one in case you remember something else.” Ellie handed the neighbours a flyer each.  “This is my phone number and that is the number of the DI who was investigating Kate’s stabbing.”

“What Kate was stabbed?” the lady asked.

Ellie nodded, “Yes, that’s why I’m particularly concerned.”

Just then the automatic gates for Lady Stane’s house opened allowing a Bentley to enter the street.

The car rolled to a stop beside Ellie and the neighbours and Lady Stane stuck her head out of the window.

“Hello, John, Primrose.  How are you?” she then caught site of Ellie and the flyer on the telegraph post.  “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, hi, Mrs Stane, I mean Lady Stane.  I was just handing out some flyers for Kate.” Ellie gave her a sheepish grin.

“Why?  I told you this is normal behaviour for Kate, and it is up to me to contact authorities if I feel there is something amiss.  How many times do I need to tell you to mind your own business?”

The window rolled up and the Bentley drew away from the curb, leaving Ellie and the neighbours standing on the footpath.

“Hey Mike, how’s your day?” Ellie asked breathlessly, desperate to share her news with him.

“Good, you caught me during a coffee break,” Mike answered, “how’s things with you?  How’d you go with the flyers?”

“You’re not going to believe what happened.  I was putting up a flyer outside Lady Stane’s house and a couple of the neighbours came over to see what I was doing.  One of the neighbours said they saw Kate walking along the road with her yoga mat, they were putting out the rubbish but by the time they got to the front door Kate had disappeared and a silver Mercedes was seen driving away.”  Ellie said all in one breath.

“Wow, well that’s interesting.” Mike said trying to sound enthusiastic.

“Yeah, the neighbour didn’t get the number plate but said she wasn’t in the car or not that you could see as she only saw the driver from behind.”

“Did Lady Stane see you.  Yeah, she was driving past and told me what for.  I left the flyer up, though and gave the neighbours one each in case they remembered anything.”

“So you think that whoever drove the Mercedes took Kate, dumped her in the boot or backseat?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, well it’s a good 650 yards to the nearest cross roads and the neighbour said she was out within a couple of minutes, Kate doesn’t run that fast.”

“Perhaps she popped into another neighbours house on the way?”

“Yeah I thought that, hopefully if that’s the case the neighbour will call me once they see the flyer.”

“Good work, do you feel better?”

“Mmm, yeah, now it’s sitting and waiting for someone to call.” Ellie said.

“I’ll see you tonight then.  Do you want to meet me after work or shall I come around?” Mike asked.

“Hmmm, what time are you finishing tonight?”

“Around the same time as last night, 10pm.”

“Come around here, I’ll get some supper on again.”  Ellie said after some consideration.

Kate woke the next morning on her own, the cravings still at bay from her medication the night before.  She stood up and went to the ensuite, checking the cabinets and wardrobe on the way.

She turned on the shower scrubbing herself all over for a good ten minutes before emerging from the steamy shower to find Ryder watching her.

He released Kate’s hands from above her head, and Kate pushed herself from the tiled wall, tears pricking at her eyes.  She blinked a few times to stop them from falling before facing Ryder.

“See I didn’t pull you hair, now did I?”  Ryder asked as he zipped up his trousers.

Kate looked down at her breasts, which were red raw from where he had pulled at them.  She turned around and smiled.

“No,” she whispered as she stood on her tip toes to peck his lips.

“Yes, we’re ready aren’t we baby?” he pulled her hair back and kissed her swollen split lips hard.


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