Chapter Forty One

It was almost 10am before Ellie got walked out of the elevator at work.  She juggled her coffee as put her bags down beside her desk.

She immediately switched on her Apple Mac and began Googling number plate searches, and forensic labs.  She had no idea what she expected to find or even if there were such things but she was prepared to pay for tests on the cigarette ends and to search the number plates.  After scrolling through a number of search pages she came across a site for a private investigator, clicking on the page she found they specialised in missing people and also had their own forensic labs.

Ellie typed in private investigators in London, her screen instantly filled with private investigators in the London area.  She opened one and began to read, opening links and discovering that for 255 pounds they would locate a person for the fixed price regardless of how long it took.

Ellie considered this, she had a mortgage payment coming up but she had some money put away, she could use that, it would be a chunk out of her savings but it was worth it.  She wondered how much the DNA testing on the cigarette ends would be?

“Ellie, Ellie are you in?” Morgan’s voice woke her from her contemplation over the intercom.

“Yes, yes, Morgan.  I’m here.”

“Can you come to my office, please?”

“On my way.”

+ + +

Morgan was sitting bolt upright behind her very tidy desk.

“I’ve had a local book shop call me regarding the author talks this week.  Apparently they haven’t heard anything from us.” Morgan quizzed Ellie.

“I’m on it, it’s the next thing on my list to do.” Ellie replied.

“Well, it’s this week.” Morgan said, emphasising when it was.

“Yes, I know.  It’s all under control.  The author is lined up and ready.”

“Ellie, go and call them now and apologise, please, for our tardiness.” Morgan said, dismissing her with a wave of her hand.

+ + +

Ellie went back to her desk.  She rummaged through her pile of papers and began making phone calls, leaving the windows open on her Mac from her earlier searches.  She looked at the clock on the Mac and was surprised to find it was already 1pm.

Ellie finished making her phone calls, apologising to the book shop owner and assuring him that the author’s talk was well under way and yes, he was able to advertise and let his regulars know.

Then Ellie called the Private Investigators, “Yes I would like to hire you to search for someone, yes, yes, I am able to come into the office.  What is the latest time you can see me today? Oh, not until tomorrow? 4pm, um, yes I’ll be there.”

Ellie sat back after clearing another lot of paperwork from her desk.  It was 3pm, she yawned and stretching picked up her mobile to check for messages.

She scrolled over Noni’s message from Monday afternoon.  Noni had texted to ask her to catch up for lunch, but Ellie felt she should work through lunch to shift the paper on her desk.  Just as well after Morgan’s rant.

She decided to get back to Noni and see if she was free to meet up for a coffee.    

Ellie felt like she was going mad.  Her mind seemed to be obsessed with Kate’s disappearance and her emotional reactions didn’t seem to be her own anymore.  She wanted to run some things past someone that wasn’t going to judge her, Noni was the perfect person.

+ + +

“Hi Ellie.” Noni greeted her.

“Hey, how are you?” Ellie replied.

They were in their usual cafe at the big picture window looking out at the busy street scene afternoon sunshine touching their table.

“I’m good, how about you?” Noni asked, tilting her head.

“Yeah, good.  I think.”

“Mmm, there’s been some rumours floating around that things aren’t too good with you.” Noni offered.

Ellie sat upright, “What? What rumours?  Everything’s fine.”

“Well, just some news that came down to the print room.  They say that some of the others in the editing office have had to pick up your work load.”

“Rubbish, well they may have been given some extra work, but it’s not because I can’t do my job.” Ellie’s face was beetroot red.  She knew she had let things slide over the past couple of weeks, but surely it wasn’t that bad?

“Yeah, I know. I doubted you would let things get that bad.  You know what it’s like working in a small company, everyone wants to see someone fail, it makes them feel better.” Noni said.  “Any way, I wanted to let you know that I went past Kate’s flat on Friday.”

“Oh, wow.  Did you find anything?”

“Well not Kate,” Noni chortled, “her place was locked up and finger print powder was still over it and the door handle.  I went past the supermarket and walked along King’s Rd, just to see if I might catch a glimpse of her.”

Ellie watched Noni’s face, not sure what to say.  She suddenly realised that Noni had seen Kate before in these places.  Had she been stalking her or was it by accident.

Noni looked at Ellie’s expression, “I have seen her in the supermarket before, just by accident.  It’s not far from my mum’s flat.” She explained.

“Ok, well thanks for taking a look.” Ellie said.

She then explained to Noni how Kate had called her, and her concerns and then what she had discovered across the road from Kate’s house.

Noni listened intently, “it could all be a coincidence, I mean if that’s the only park on the street, it makes sense that people will meet up there.  And as for Kate saying sorry, well I’ve never heard her say it,” Noni looked down at her hands, trying to hide the hurt in her eyes, “ but if the D.I is right and she is in rehab, I bet she wouldn’t want everyone to know that she has a problem.”

Ellie hesitated and then said, “I’ve made an appointment with a Private Investigator tomorrow.  I am going to get them to check out the cigarette ends and locate her, even if she doesn’t want to be found.  I need to know for my own sanity.”

Noni took a sip of her coffee and eyed Ellie, she wasn’t looking her usual well put together self.  Her dress seemed to be a little too big for her and her hair was slightly dishevelled.

“Ellie, don’t let this take over your life.  You have an amazing job, people would kill to have it and you have this new relationship with a guy that seems perfect for you.  Kate has called, perhaps you need to trust her and let go?”

Ellie shook her head, “I wish I could.”

“Alright, after the Private Investigation is finished you’ll let it go then?”

Ellie nodded, “Yeah I haven’t got unlimited funds, I guess I’ll just have to.  Anyway, they will probably find what everyone keeps telling me, that she’s in rehab.”

 Chapter forty one (1)

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