10th March, 2016

We had an interesting session at our writers’ group last week. We meet up to critique each others work. On this occasion I took in a piece of work from Living in London that dealt with Kate being abused by Ryder and his mate Will. It hasn’t been published on the blog but will be in the e-book version, so I was looking for some feedback in regard to it’s suitability.

It certainly sparked a lot of debate, on one hand one there were the feminists who felt that this type of writing takes the fight for equality back decades and promotes abuse of women and on the other, the fact it was written in a romantic style giving the reader a response but leaving you feeling dirty. Whilst the only male in the group felt it should be out there as just as with war it happens and the more people hear about it the more they are aware of it.

To be honest it was the most animated we had ever been.

Later whilst reading the UK Grazia (my wind down mag) I came across an article about free speech written by Ella Whelan. The article discussed the censorship by National Union of Students have put on campuses where they have banned;

‘offensive speech, ‘controversial’ speakers and outlawed allegedly sexist pop songs in student bars.’

However it was her final paragraph that was poignant:

‘Censoring views to ‘protect’ women is more damaging to our freedom and autonomy than any sexist comment.’

I agree, whole-heartedly.

Truth replaced by silence

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