17th March, 2016

When life is stranger than fiction?

This week’s blog was going to be about life leaving you feeling like you’ve been run over by a bulldozer, which is what my week was like. However, a blog about writing shouldn’t be somewhere to air dirty laundry. Suffice to say the events of the past week and no doubt the next few months to come, has and will supply ample material for many writing sessions in the future.

There are many one-liners about writers looking for experiences in order to add to their writing material, I definitely have met my quota for the year.

So, unfortunately, my writing has been minimal. I am currently slowly working through the last chapters of Living in London. It has been painful and tedious, no words flying onto the pages for me over the past few weeks, not quite writers’ block rather nil motivation and no inspiration.

As for reading, The Guide to Berlin by Gail Jones has been completed, though not high on the recommendation list. It was required reading for the Writers’ Book Club at the NSW Writers’ Centre, and after completing an analysis of the areas outlined I am a little worried that my feedback was so negative and perhaps it’s due to not having a degree in literature, or not having a book published. No doubt I will be fully informed after our first session in two weeks!

Enjoy Chapter 46!


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