Chapter Forty Six

For the two days following the news of Ellie, Kate lay in bed, tears involuntarily rolling down her face and mingling with her hair.   Ellie was one of her closest friends, not that she had ever expressed as much, Kate felt both guilt at getting Ellie involved and anger with Ryder for threatening her and harming Ellie, however, she knew now that she had little choice in the matter and would do anything to protect Ellie.

  Ellie was one of those people that never judged others and she had always accepted Kate, regardless of how stupidly she behaved.

Kate wished she had kept her mouth shut and put up with the beatings.

Kate’s eyes filled with tears as she consider her options, she couldn’t continue to keep Ellie’s life hanging in the balance based on whether she did what Ryder wanted.

Kate shivered, remembering the previous evening after Ryder threatened her with hurting Ellie.  She and Ryder had had sex, it was rough but thankfully quick.  Kate had not complained once but was grateful when he left her alone in the dark.  Kate felt disgusted with herself when she recalled her reaction to him, she couldn’t help herself become excited by the sex, he always ensured she orgasmed, despite herself.

Kate heard his familiar footsteps coming down the stairs and watched the door swing open.

Ryder was beaming, his eyes twinkled.

“Good morning, babe.” He practically sang as he placed the tray of cereal down on the bed.

Kate looked for her medicine, it wasn’t there, again.

He held the back of her head and pulled her face to his, kissing her hard his tongue probing down her throat.

He groaned loudly, “Come on babe, let’s have a quick one before I go to work.”

+ + +

Ryder pulled his trousers up and did up the belt buckle, winking at Kate sitting on the bed.

“I think we’re going to get on just fine.” He said, producing his mobile from his pocket.  He opened his photos and flashed the picture of Ellie on the ground before her eyes.

Kate’s eyes followed the image unwillingly and then looked at Ryder, a cruel smile on his lips.

“Come on, eat up and then you can take the tray upstairs.” He ordered, he turned to walk to the ensuite. “I’d better wash myself, don’t want the whole office smelling of Kate’s morning glory.”

When he returned Kate stood up with the tray, waiting for Ryder to unlock the door.

Ryder looked at Kate, she was wearing gym gear, leggings and singlet.  She was a shadow of the woman he had met at the night club six months earlier.  Her skin, almost translucent, from the lack of sunshine, apart from the black, blue and yellowing bruises scattered along her arms and legs.  The split on her chin had gapped and bruised and she had a stoop when she stood up.  He felt sorry for her but he knew he had the upper hand now, with the constant threat of Ellie coming to harm.

“I’ll give you a hand.” Ryder said, looking at the uneaten food on the tray as he took it from her.

+ + +

As Kate climbed the tiled stairway from her basement prison she took in the original paintings that hung on the walls of the hallway.  The deep browns and taupes of the walls with gold highlights and the rich black fabric that curtained the windows of the rooms she walked past.  The luxury of Ryder’s home did not reference what was happening in the basement.  Ryder’s kitchen was as large as any   in a restaurant in industrial silver and white.  The lounge area was luxurious with plush leather wrap around lounge, complete with cup holders and a huge LCD screen TV.  The dining room housed a heavy wooden dining suite with matching buffet.

Kate began wandering around the apartment once she had dropped the plates off in the industrial sink.

She walked up the stairs, the first floor was carpeted in a luxurious cream shag pile.  Two bedrooms and reception room were on that floor with another flight of stairs leading up to the top floor where the master bedroom was, complete with two dressing rooms, an ensuite and a private lounge area.

“So do you like it?” Ryder asked, sneaking up behind Kate who stood staring at the four poster bed.

Kate jumped and spun around, “Yyyes.” She replied nervously.

“You, know you will be the first one to sleep in there.” He nodded to the bed.  “I’ve never taken another woman back here, apart from you.”

Kate nodded and turned to look at the bed again.  How could such a monster have such a beautiful home?

“I had it styled when I finished renovating the block.” Ryder announced proudly.  “We’ll christen the bed tonight.”

Kate shuddered, and hoped that Ryder hadn’t noticed.  His hands wrapped around her waist and he spun her around, one hand behind her head, the other in the small of her back.  He began to kiss her neck, his hand hungrily feeling her body.

“Oh, I could do you again.  Unfortunately I’ve go to get to work.  So it’s back down to the basement for you.”  He breathed into her hair before spinning her around and slapping her backside to push her on her way.

Chapter forty six

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