Chapter Fifty

It was three weeks before Ellie went home from the hospital  after the mugging.

Whilst she was in hospital Morgan had sent in manuscripts for her to read via Noni who also came with fresh coffee and and the latest gossip.  There was still no word from Kate and Ellie checked her phone regularly for any missed calls.

“Okay, I’ve managed to get the next week off to make sure you are doing the right thing, unfortunately we can’t keep a bed occupied otherwise I would have you in for another week.” Mike said as he helped her pack the last of her things before she left the ward.

“‘I’m fine, Mike.” Ellie assured him.

“Yes, probably but I don’t want you undoing all the good work I’ve done on your face.  It’s as good as new, now.”

+ + +

Unlocking the front door to her flat, brought a sense of relief at being home and having her space back, no more middle of the night disturbances by well meaning nurses.

As Ellie dropped her suitcase on her bed, Mike came up behind her and wrapped his hands around her, one hand resting on her belly.

“Boy or girl?” he whispered into her ear.

This was a game Mike had begun to play shortly after learning of her pregnancy.

Ellie spun around and kissed him, her arms circling his neck.  Mike responded pushing his tongue into her mouth.  Ellie felt excited and broke the embrace pulling him onto the bed.

It had been three weeks since they had had proper sex, without the fear of being caught, which added a little to the excitement but now Ellie wanted a long slow session where all her needs would be met.

That evening over dinner, they talked about their plans together and how they differed from their original plans apart had been.  Ellie told Mike that she had planned to break off with Sergio before meeting him that she had given him an ultimatum of committing to her or finishing the relationship.  She told Mike that she wanted to settle down and start a family and that she realised that Sergio was not the person she would do that with.  And that she was contemplating having a baby on her own through a donor or an unwitting one night stand.

Mike told Ellie that having a family of his own was not on his immediate agenda but meeting Ellie made him consider his future and that he wanted to have a family with her.  He knew instinctively when they were told she was pregnant that they would have the baby together, despite their relationship being in its early stages, he felt very strongly for Ellie and that even if the relationship didn’t survive he would always be an active father to their baby.

Later that evening while Ellie brushed her teeth Mike held her again, while she faced the mirror.

“Girl or Boy?” he whispered again.

“Girl.” Ellie said, into the mirror.

“Mmm, I think boy.  I can take him to football with me.” He said.

Ellie had never felt so happy and contented, despite the unknown they faced, including the living arrangements.  They had both agreed that they wouldn’t be able to continue to live in Ellie’s one bedroom basement studio.  Nor in Mike’s shared accommodation.

+ + +

Over the past three weeks, Kate had the run of the house, however, it was sealed tighter than Fort Knox.  Kate didn’t mind the solitary confinement and began to learn how to cook always having dinner ready for Ryder when he got home, her favourite TV was now the cooking channel.

She explored the house extensively, discovering photos of Ryder when he was a child and some keepsakes from his childhood.

She began to feel better, despite the morning sickness, her cravings for a hit had completely disappeared she no longer needed the medication.

Ryder had stopped her alcohol intake altogether and this didn’t bother her either.

Kate had begun to put on weight again, her frame not looking as emancipated as it had three weeks earlier.  Her belly had now disappeared but she knew a tiny growing human was inside her and regularly rubbed her stomach, as if to stroke her unborn child.

The health channel had become her second favourite TV, she reminded Ryder that she needed to register with a GP and hospital before she was 12 weeks.

Ryder had eyed her suspiciously but had made an appointment for her the following week, when she was just over six weeks, they thought.  Ryder made her pee on a pregnancy stick every couple of days, relishing the positive result she gave him each time.

“Hey, babe, Ellie’s home now.  Do you want to call her?  Probably should call your mum and break the news to her as well.” Ryder suggested in the morning as he brought up their breakfast to the master bedroom.

“Yes, I probably should.” Kate replied, easily.

She smiled at Ryder and thanked him for the dry toast her gave her and a cup of tea.  It was all she could stomach in the mornings.

+ + +

“Hey, babe, Ellie’s home now.  Do you want to call her?  Probably should call your mum and break the news to her as well.” Ryder suggested as he carried their breakfast into the master bedroom.

“Yes, I probably should.” Kate replied, easily.

She smiled at Ryder and thanked him for the dry toast her gave her and a cup of tea.  It was all she could stomach in the mornings.

+ + +

They made gentle love and later in the kitchen as Kate was putting the dishes in the dishwasher Ryder came up behind her.

“Come on, call your mother and then Ellie.” Ryder suggested getting up and unlocking the door to his study.

When he returned he gave Kate her phone.

She dialled her mother’s home number and placing on speaker before putting it on the kitchen counter in front of her.

“Hello, Stane’s residence.” A well spoken voice answered.

“Hi, it’s Kate.  Is my mother there?”

“Oh, Miss Kate, it’s Harold.  I’m sorry your mother is in Majorca.  Went last week with Troy and Lord Stane.”

“Oh, Harold, thanks.  Would you pass on the message when she calls.  She can call my mobile.” Kate said looking nervously at Ryder.  He nodded,  and it was then that Kate realised he had not grabbed her hand to prevent her from saying too much.

Kate hung up and picked up the phone to call Ellie.

“Hey, Ellie it’s Kate.” Kate said nervously, feeling a stab of guilt as she looked at Ryder.

“Hey, Kate.  It’s Kate.” Ellie yelled to someone else.  “Sorry, it’s Mike.  We’ve been so worried about you.  You know I’ve  been in hospital.  I got mugged three weeks ago, just got home yesterday.”

Kate went to say she knew but Ryder gripped her hand and pulled her finger.  Kate looked at his narrowed eyes.

“Oh my, are you okay now?” she asked instead.

“Yep, cheek reconstruction, nothing too major.  Mike kept me in longer than necessary because I’m also, um I’m pregnant.” Ellie stammered.

“Oh God.  So am I!” Kate called out, her voice echoing in the kitchen.

“Wow, that’s great, how far along are you?”

“Not too far, I haven’t been to the doctors or anything yet.” Kate explained.

“”I’m only a few weeks.  We’ll be due about the same time.  Kate, where are you?  When can we see you?”

Kate looked at Ryder for direction, he began to make the signal to hang up, cutting his throat with his hand.

“Look I’ve got to go, Ellie.  But I’ll call soon.” Kate said and pressed the red button cutting off the call.

Kate sat and watched Ryder pick up the phone and take it back to the study, hearing the key in the lock as he left to return to the kitchen.

“I’m out tonight, babe.” Ryder said.

Kate turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Oh, ok.” She replied looking concerned.

“I, I need some rough love.” His mouth moved to grin but it came out as a grimace.

Kate nodded.

“Look babe, I want you, I want to hurt you and fuck you.  But I don’t want to hurt” He said touching her now flat stomach.

“Hey babe, we can go to the basement, I’m missing it as well.  Take me however you like.” Kate said, looking deeply into his eyes.

“Come on, you know how it gets.” Ryder said a concerned tone in his voice.

“I’ll be fine we can experiment.  There’s more than one way to fuck.” Kate smiled up at him, feeling herself become excited again.

Ryder put his arms around her and Kate felt he was aroused as well.

“Ok, I’ve really go to go now, I’m late, but tonight, yeah?”

Kate nodded.

+ + +

After Ryder left, Kate went into the basement.  She had been down there a couple of times over the past three weeks to fetch some clothing and her toiletries, this time she went down and began to clean.

She stripped the bed and put on clean sheets, wiped the straps down of the dried blood stains, placing them open on top of the clean sheets.

When she had finished she went upstairs and made herself some lunch and sat down to watch an episode on Jonnie Agave’s quick meals to plan for the evening dinner.

Chapter fifty


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