21st April, 2016

The focus for this past week has been editing and it has progressed quite well.  It’s always a trial, having to read over your work for fear that it doesn’t make sense and you will have a lot of re-writing in order for it to be close to readable.  It’s always nice when it’s not as bad as you expect and the editing flows, just like as the writing did.

It is interesting to see how your writing changes over time, and thankfully for the better.  Being committed to writing at least a chapter a week for Living in London combined with the wonderful tuition from the talented Emily Maguire has seen the fruits of these labours.

Where it is always painful when revising and editing an essay at uni, I am enjoying the shaping of the novel.  Being able to develop the plot and the characters is much easier, now I know them so well and also their final destiny.

I also completed the third and fourth edit of Simon goes to Spain and now feel it is ready to be sent to some agents and publishers.

It is so tempting to put the editing and completing manuscripts aside in order to begin new projects, however, my strength to fight against the temptation continues.

It is certainly true, the more you write the easier it becomes and when combined with lots of reading the better you get.

Write, write, write.  Let the words flow from you and trust that they will fall in the correct order.  If they don’t you will know soon enough when you edit, edit, edit.  Then read, read, read.  That is my recipe for writing, however, life always gets in the way.   That needs another recipe.

recipe to completed manuscript

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