5th May, 2016

More editing, and even more changes.

I resorted to some recreational reading this week and despite it being a light read it had some excellent examples of tension.  Megan Crane’s ‘Project Virgin’ which as the title describes is an adult erotic book, inspired me to add more sexual tension in Living in London.  Despite being an easy read in erotic fiction, with obvious gratuitous sex scenes there were some very good examples of relationship tension which were easy to identify in action, albeit predictably.

So Ellie and Mike’s relationship will become a little more fraught due to her obsession with Kate and it will take a little longer for them to consummate their relationship.

It has been a busy two weeks but admittedly not one for writing, however, during the second session of the Writers’ Book Club we looked at the beginning pages in order to analysis what a good hook was.  We identified that the overall theme of the book was addressed in the first couple of paragraphs and also a hint at the ending.  Both books that we read, Gail Jones’, ‘A guide to Berlin’ and Eliot Perlman’s, ‘Street sweeper’ had sentences from the ending incorporated in the first few paragraphs.  So of course, that is what the beginning of Living in London is going to like, hopefully.

Well I hope you enjoy the next chapter, things are beginning to reach the climax so the abuse is a little more obvious, despite this Kate is hooked and even I just want to slap her.

Project Virgin

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