Chapter Fifty Two

On Saturday morning Kate nervously got dressed into the white silk slip dress she had ordered online for the special day.  She couldn’t believe she was getting married it was certainly not how she imagined it would be, but then Kate never imagined herself getting married.

Ryder came into the ensuite as she applied the last touches to her makeup.

“Gosh you look beautiful,” he said, handing her the faux fur white coat she had bought to compete her outfit, “the car is waiting downstairs.  Let’s go.”

She caught sight of her reflection as she walked past the mirrored wardrobes, her face was unmarked and she didn’t look pregnant, thought her face showed a concerned expression or was it fearful?

+ + +

As the limousine pulled out of the laneway, Kate took a deep breath, she knew it was too late to turn back now a heavy sense of foreboding had filled her with dread for the day ahead.

She looked at Ryder, his face glowed, he was so happy and she hadn’t seen him quite like this.

Perhaps he will change once they were married and she became more obviously pregnant? Kate was confused, her feelings for Ryder had grown and she felt she needed him to help her get through the day, but at the same time she knew that what had happened to her was wrong.

Kate considered the events planned for the day, the Harley Street gynaecologist followed by the marriage at the Mayfair Library finished off by afternoon tea at the Ritz.

She could tell the doctor at the surgery, surely she would have some time alone with the doctor.  Kate looked at her hands, not sure what she was going to do.

+ + +

The limousine made it’s way through the early morning Saturday traffic to the Harley St surgery, dropping them outside the front entrance.

“Thanks, we’ll be about an hour.” Ryder told the driver when they were standing on the footpath.

Kate watched the limousine drive away before allowing herself to be led into the surgery.

As soon as she entered, her hands became moist with sweat and she felt light headed.

Would she tell the doctor what had happened to her?  She gave a quick sideways glance at Ryder, sitting beside her in one of the plush sofas in the waiting room.

He squeezed her hand and lent toward her to speak softly into her ear, “Don’t ruin this for us, okay?  Don’t forget Ellie.” And then he brushed his lips across her cheek.

+ + +

“Kate Morse?” an attractive nurse called from an open doorway.

Kate stood up, closely followed by Ryder.

“Hello,” the nurse said politely, “I suppose you’re the new dad.  It’s okay we have room for you as well.”  She stepped aside to allow them both to enter.

The doctor instructed the nurse to take a number of blood tests before leading Kate and Ryder to the x-ray room for the scan.

+ + +

“We’re getting married today,” Ryder said excitedly to the doctor as he sat them down in front of his desk again, scans and blood tests complete.

“Well, congratulations.  Lovely dress, there, Kate.” The doctor replied warmly.

“Th, thanks.” Kate said nervously.  She had answered all of the medical questions under Ryder’s supervision, including the one about a long scar that hadn’t healed completely on her back.  She had told them she slipped down the stairs the week before and yes, she would take more care when coming down the stairs.

WhenRyder had seen the image of their little boy he was like a child in a toy store, hovering around the technician to see if he could get a closer look at the images and see the foetus moving.

Once the doctor deemed all was normal he handed the processed scans to Ryder, who carried the images carefully.  He placed a protective arm around Kate as they emerged back onto Harley St and the waiting limousine.

+ + +

Once in the car, Ryder slid one of the 3D scans into his wallet.

“Well this is it.  Soon you’ll be Mrs Robertson.  Kate Robertson.” Ryder leaned over to her and placed his hand on her stomach, over her loose silk dress.  “Sounds good, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, it does.” Kate said, flatly.  She turned to look out the window seeing the familiar sights of London but feeling a million miles away.

+ + +

The limousine pulled up outside the Westminster Registry office, confetti from an earlier marriage scattered on the steps leading up to Mayfair Library, an imposing red brick building.

Kate stepped out of the limousine, butterflies in her stomach, Ryder was immediately by her side, leading her to the marble grey stairs leading to the white portico.

“Hey.” A tall man said to Ryder, patting his back before shaking his hand. “How’d the gyno go?”

Kate looked at the man, he had piercing eyes that didn’t seem to have any colour, just the black of the pupil, and sharp features.

“Great, take a look at my little man.” Ryder said proudly, opening his wallet to show him the scan.

He turned to take in Kate.

“Yeah, she’s as good as you said.” He offered Kate his hand. “Hi I’m Will.”

Kate nodded and looked at Ryder questioningly.

“Will is going to be one of our witnesses.  He’s an old friend of mine.” Ryder said,  “We go way back,” He added.

The ceremony was short and simple.  Ryder had selected the vows they read to each other. The staff at the registry efficiently moved the small party from the ceremony area to complete the necessary documentation, the two witnesses signing below each of their signatures, the second witness being Ryder’s personal assistant from work.  Kate knew this was final, the only way out for her now would be for one of them to die.

+ + +

Kate stood back as the witnesses signed, taking in Will with his confidence and obvious familiarity with Ryder.  She felt an uneasiness every time Will looked at her, his eyes undressing her, devouring her.

+ + +

Ryder’s PA threw confetti as they descended the steps after the ceremony, the photographer posing them this way and that before they headed to the waiting limousine.

“Kate, The Ritz and then you get your wedding present.”  Ryder said excitedly taking her hands into his as they sat in the limousine, “you’re going to love it.” He added as he nodded at Will on the footpath watching them leave.

  Kate looked at Will staring at her from the footpath and hoped she would never see him again.  She shivered knowing that she wouldn’t be so lucky.

+ + +

By the time they got home it was dark, Kate had enjoyed being waited on and the fuss the staff had made once Ryder had openly shared with them the news of their recent marriage and that Kate was also having his baby boy.

The limousine dropped them off at their front door and Kate become anxious waiting for Ryder to let them in.

+ + +

“Okay babe.  Your present will be delivered in the basement.  It will be arriving soon and I want you ready.”  Ryder said excitedly in their bedroom where Kate was taking off her wedding outfit.

He came up behind her as she slipped her silk dress off her shoulders, exposing her swollen breasts and the suspenders and silk stockings she wore below.

He slid his hand along her waist, skimming her skin, making her tingle.

“I want you to wear this,” He said, handing her a black latex outfit, “with this.”

He handed her a gimp mask, slits for the eyes and an open hole for her mouth.

“When you get down to the basement, just kneel by the bed, okay?”

Kate took the coat hanger with the flimsy black outfit and the mask and nodded.

+ + +

“Come on babe, you’re okay.” Ryder cooed as he cradled Kate in the shower she had tried to kill herself in weeks earlier.

The warm water washed over her red swollen face, one eye swollen shut and the other fluttering open as Kate tried to get her bearings.

Kate looked down at her naked beaten body, she was stiff and sore. Her body was criss crossed with red welts, her wrists raw from the restraints.  She took a deep breathe, her lungs filling with water and air and she spluttered it out.

She looked up at Ryder who was washing her hair.  “You were so good tonight.  Will says you’re the best he’s ever had, and he’s had a lot.”

He bent and kissed her wet hair as he rinsed the foam from it.

“Come on, let’s get you to bed.  Probably a little too much excitement for a newly pregnant mum.”

Kate couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  Ryder pulled her to her feet, leaning her against him as he flicked the taps off.

Then he bent and picked her up, carrying her out of the basement and up the stairs.

“I don’t think I’ll be doing this for much longer, not when our little one gets bigger.” He said, carrying her easily up the three flights of stairs to the master bedroom.

He sat her on the toilet, draping a large towel around her before gently drying her hair with a fluffy towel.

He knelt before her. And slid his hand into the towel draped around her, to feel her stomach.  “I hope we didn’t wake the little guy in there.” He said softly into her stomach, kissing it.

Kate watched incredulously wondering how someone who was so cruel not 30 minutes earlier was now so caring and gentle.

“I’m tired, Ryder.  I need to go to bed.” She said hoarsely.

“Off course my darling.” He picked her up and carried her to their bed.

“I wanted to show you the video and the pictures but I can show you in the morning.  They’ll probably be viral by then.” He said as he tucked her in.

“I’m just going downstairs to have a drink with Will.  He’s staying for breakfast then dropping us at the airport.” He added, switching the light off before leaving the room.

Kate opened her eyes and then closed them, too exhausted to even think about what that meant.

Chapter Fifty Two

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