8th October, 2016

So whilst my writing has been minimal of late, my reading has been high, partly due to the writers’ book club’s set homework and also due to the travelling I have done over the past month, exhausting but inspiring.

As for the Living in London blog story, it is now complete, well first draft, however, I won’t be publishing the last few chapters on the blog, after all, why would you purchase the book if you know the ending (if it gets published)?  I will continue to blog in regard to my experiences in editing 80000 words, however, I won’t be publishing any stories until the first edit on LiL is complete.

I am expecting there will be some major editing work on LiL as I had intended to write a commercial style chick lit but it has turned into a psychological suspense.  I am hoping that this process will help me to improve my planning in future projects so that it is a streamlined process.

After reading many of the prize winning novels it was evident that they prepared readers for what the book was about in the first chapter, well actually in the beginning paragraphs, which I felt was not a bad idea.  Especially after some members of the book club I’m in, read the darker parts of the book and were quite shocked by the content.  Therefore, in the first edit I have included a prologue which informs the reader of the theme of the book, I hope you enjoy it.


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