Lane Cove Literary Prize Short list

I’m so excited to announce that the extract ‘Only Skin Deep’ from my memoir, The Girl in the Striped Jumper, has made the short list of the Lane Cove Literary Prize.

Lane Cove Literary Awards 2021

The Lane Cove Literary Awards is a prestigious national writing competition organised by Lane Cove Council that recognises writing excellence and fosters Australian writing talent.

What an honour to receive recognition for my writing. Anyone who has written either for a living or for pleasure knows it’s a lonely exercise with the sense you’re writing in the dark, unsure how your work will be received. I want to congratulate everyone who made the long lists this year, I was so happy to be amongst fellow writers who received confirmation their writing journey was justified. And to my fellow short listers, good luck.

Reading my first posts from 2016 and recognising the progress my writing has made since then (thankfully) is pleasing. To have that improvement recognised by other writers is humbling and I thank Lane Cove Council for offering this opportunity.

Here is a short extract from Only Skin Deep:

Mum pushed me again. I placed both feet on the plank, which held firm under my shiny red shoes. My breath short, I willed my feet to keep moving even after glancing down at the shrinking figures below and the dark swirl of water slapping at the ship. As I neared the top of the gangplank, the bustle of the dock quietened, replaced by the pounding of my heart. A bright yellow streamer landed on the boards before me, holding momentarily before dissolving in the rain. More streamers flew around, streaking the ship with a multitude of colours. At the end of the gangplank, a white-uniformed man shook Dad’s hand and bent to welcome me aboard.

The Girl in the Striped Jumper


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