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Chapter Forty Six

For the two days following the news of Ellie, Kate lay in bed, tears involuntarily rolling down her face and mingling with her hair.   Ellie was one of her … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Seven

“Hi, Mike.” Ellie said as she opened the door. It was 11:30pm and Ellie had sat up, her mobile phone with her at all times waiting for both Kate to … Continue reading

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Chapter 31

Kate was awoken by Ryder entering the room again, she had no idea how long it had been since he left, her dreams had been both frightening and vivid.  Kate … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty

“Hello, may I speak to Lady Stane please?” Emma said breathlessly into the phone.  She wasn’t nervous but had just chased the last of the twins into their preschool and … Continue reading

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Chapter Twenty Nine

It was after midnight when Ryder re-entered Kate’s room.  A sliver of light fell across her sleeping face.  He switched the lights on, Kate didn’t move, completely unconscious. “Soon you’ll … Continue reading

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Chapter Twenty Three

“Hey, Kate.  Call me back or just text me! I’m worried about you!  What happened to you last night, not that I’m worried about you standing me up!  I just … Continue reading

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1st October, 2015

Well I’m pleased to say my word count is up this week and I managed to send my completed children’s manuscripts to a number of children’s book agents as per … Continue reading

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Chapter Twenty One

“Hey, Ryder, looks like the market came good for you over the weekend, did you see what the FTSE index went up by?” one of the trainees called after Ryder … Continue reading

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24th September, 2015

School holidays, finally! I spent three days with the grandsons and now I am exhausted, happy to be camped on the lounge, writing. However, Peter and I spent the weekend … Continue reading

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