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Chapter Forty Six

For the two days following the news of Ellie, Kate lay in bed, tears involuntarily rolling down her face and mingling with her hair.   Ellie was one of her … Continue reading

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Chapter Forty Five

“How are you doing love?” a woman’s voice asked Ellie. Ellie opened her eyes to see a middle aged nurse smiling down at her and remembered she was in hospital. … Continue reading

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Chapter Forty Four

When Ryder entered Kate’s room that evening he was in a much better mood than earlier that morning. “Hey Katie, baby.” He greeted her cheerfully. Kate lifted herself up off … Continue reading

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Chapter Forty Three

When Ellie had left the offices of the Private Investigation Services it was almost dusk.  The usually busy New Bond Street with its high end shops was quiet and the … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Nine

“Hey, Ellie how was your weekend?”  Morgan called from her office when she saw Ellie walking past. Ellie turned around and walked into Morgan’s office. “Good, Mike and I went … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Seven

“Hi, Mike.” Ellie said as she opened the door. It was 11:30pm and Ellie had sat up, her mobile phone with her at all times waiting for both Kate to … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirty Three

“Hey Mike!  It’s so good to see you.” Ellie said opening the door to Mike and a large bunch of flowers. “Mmmm, my favourite patient,” Mike said as he put … Continue reading

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24th September, 2015

School holidays, finally! I spent three days with the grandsons and now I am exhausted, happy to be camped on the lounge, writing. However, Peter and I spent the weekend … Continue reading

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Chapter Thirteen

“Hey, Noni, it’s Ellie,” “Yeah, you came up on my caller ID.” “Oh, of course, look can we catch up for a coffee this afternoon, say 3pm?” “Um, yeah sure,” … Continue reading

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Chapter Twelve

When Ellie got into work at 8:30am it was fever pitch.  Gregory James wasn’t due to arrive at his first author talk until 10:30am at the Waterpepples at Piccadilly.  Ellie … Continue reading

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